I Ate The Food, How Do I Feel?

Now for the log, Friday tea:

At tea time on friday night I made myself and my son a lovely bowl of lentils and Scooby Doo pasta (this is what happens when you let a 5 year old choose). I must admit lentils and pasta did not strike me as a texture match but actually it was rather nice. The really odd thing was that two hours later i was starving hungry again. Grr.

So off to bed I went…..

And so came Saturday morning and with it my least favourite breakfast of oats and fruit. Actually that was surprisingly pleasant too.

The ride itself;

The group set a fairly fast pace and I did struggle to keep up but on a personal level I’m pretty impressed, on the way to the cafe stop I made it up every hill and round every corner, saw some lovely scenery. 18 miles of working like a dog. Then we hit the lunch stop at the Ox at Middleton

It was hard to watch everyone eating hot paninis (ok, so usually its a piece of cake and a cuppa but this was a pub). These paninis were a joy to behold, they looked perfectly cooked and generously proportioned, especially when you’re standing outside in the rain eating 3, yes, count them, 3, cereal bars and a bag of dried fruit.

Lunch stop over, off we went again in the pouring rain. Once again the group set off at a pretty speedy pace so we hung back and took a scenic route back to the cafe at Ponteland. 12 glorious miles off wind and rain, just three of us,myself, my buddy Andy and a glorious old guy whose name I keep forgetting ( Ray?). Now I’m a big girl (14 1/2 stone and dropping) and my mate Andy is very slim so what usually happens is that I struggle up the hills while Andy flys on ahead and I’ll catch him coming down.  What I didn’t realise until the glorious old man ( seriously, he’s in his 70’s maybe and way way fitter than me) pointed it out is that on the flat Andy was working his bum off to keep up and the closer we got to Ponteland the smaller his lead up the hills. I’m sure this has a lot to do with diet as usually we are pretty evenly matched. In fact I’d usually argue that Andy is the better cyclist.

Cup of coffee, chinwag and then home.

The wether being as horrific as it was I decided to follow my mate home to Gosforth and bum a lift back to Ashington. Three of us set out from the cafe in Ponteland, myself, Andy and the Magic James. James is an Idol of mine, he used to weigh 22 stone and really really knows his stuff when it comes to well, anything, but especially nutrition (check out his blog, it’s fascinating http://22stonecyclist.com ). Anyway, a few miles from home and we had to stop, Andy could do no more so we waited with him while he ate a cereal bar and had a drink of water. More evidence that if you leave it till you’re hungry to eat and thirsty to drink then it’ll be too late. Things went slowly but smoothly after that and I got to Andy’s feeling like I could do a few more miles.

In conclusion:

Well, I’ll start with the stats:

I’m informed that I cycled 48 miles yesterday, my cycle computer stopped recording at 41.55 miles 😦 so I’ll give you the stats from that.

Distance: 41.55 miles

Time:        3hrs24

Average Speed:  12.4 mph

Ok, so my average speed was lover than my usual of 12.7 to 13 mph and the distance was smaller than I hoped for but taking into account the fact that this was my third day in a row (20 Thursday in that wind, 33 Friday and 48 Saturday) and the fact that I’d had a fall on Friday which had left a pretty big bruise on my right thigh and an ache in my right arm I am pretty impressed with this weeks diet. Thanks guys.

I actually really enjoyed my tea of egg, mackeral and beans too and woke up this morning pretty much ache free and tempted to go riding.

Let’s see what next week brings…

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