This Weeks Ride?

I have to admit to this week being a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I’ll tell you more about that later, first for the food:

Chicken and mushroom pasta. What a lovely meal. Really, I never was a fan of chicken with pasta, not sure why but it was always reminiscent of little chef food.So I was dubious, wrongly so as it was a delight to eat. Chicken, onions, mushrooms, whole meal pasta. mmmm.

And off to bed I went. At 7am Saturday morning 2 alarms went off, closely followed by a phone call from the husband to make sure I was up. A bowl of lentil soup, a cup of coffee, seven thousand layers of clothes and off I pedaled on a fine but freezing ( really, my computer recorded it at 0.5 degrees) morning. After stopping at the end of the street to investigate a brake problem I was on my way to Ponteland.

It was not pleasant. My legs would just not go round, I was cursing the sky and trying and trying to persevere, it was not nice. I’m told this happens in the cold so I’m not sure it was down to breakfast. Then I hit Stannington Station and a mist of evil proportions descended. I could not see. Luckily my stepdad rang and offered me a lift to Ponteland.

The ride:

Hard. It’s the only way I can explain it. The bananas were tasty and the dried fruit is something I’m definitely going to keep bringing but this was indeed the week of slogging for not much gain. I dropped my water bottle twice. ( the second time I left it there on the floor in a fit of pique but some nice man picked it up for me! Thanks). My cycle computer bounced out of its bracket and smashed, strangely reducing me to tears of frustration. My legs did not want to co-operate and I found myself stupidly teary, emotional and livid for very little reason. At the coffee shop I fought the urge to hide outside and not talk to anyone, ate my banana, some dried fruit, went inside and suddenly felt much better.

We took a gentle ride back to Ponteland where I got myself a cuppa and waited for my husband to arrive for the ride home.  The ride home is about 17 miles and was by far the best 17 miles of the day. My legs were listening, I felt comfortable and it was lovely to ride with my husband. I’m told that according to his computer we averaged 14 miles per hour on the ride home, how I do not know. I do know that by the time I got home I was absolutely ravenous so while my bath was running I rammed some tinned mackeral and boiled rice into myself, now that really hit the spot. Another good meal that I will be eating again.

My Conclusion:

Lack of computer forces me to estimate the ride at about 60 miles in total. A lot of that was hard but it proves something profound to me. As utterly important as putting the right fuel in is, if you don’t look after your mind too you are stuffed.

For this weeks menu I would say that I have learned that theres more to life than cereal bars, that dried fruit is a great snack and that fish and rice are both excellent post ride foods.

For this week itself I would say that I was told something yesterday by two separate people which picked me up off the floor and made me realise that it’s ok to not be brilliant straight out of the gate as long as you really are putting your heart and soul into it. (three people if you count the husband but he has to be nice to me, so you know…). Public thanks to both Alan and Andy.

What am I in for next week then? (ooh, I will have my new computer with the addition of a heart rate monitor by then too!!)

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6 Comments on “This Weeks Ride?”

  1. Andy Says:

    Totally agree that without a strong mind, strong legs are useless.

    Going to try some of those riding snacks. I’m always running out of steam at the end of long rides.

  2. James Says:

    This happens. The mind is a fickle thing at the best of times, and even the strongest people have moments of doubt leading to everything falling around by their ankles in quite spectacular fashion.

    Even professionals under fuel. Alberto Contador spectacularly bonked at this year’s Paris Nice, which for him must have been awful but for myself and Suzanne, we were jumping up and down in glee at the TV.

    Also, kit related problems can be uber frustrating, take it from me. Recently I’ve had a bottom bracket come apart on a ride, several punctures, mudguard issues, and on one ride I couldn’t get clipped in going up Bilsmoor and fell over, bending my mech hanger.

    The very fact you are putting in the miles you are putting in, and have lost all that weight already speaks volumes – and I am very proud of you. I don’t get as much time to speak to you as I possibly should – we go in 2 different groups for example – but don’t think I haven’t noticed your progress and don’t think I’m not utterly impressed by what you’re doing.

    Keep going lady – you’re an inspiration. It would be far easier to sit on the sofa and eat cake, but you don’t. You’ve demonstrated huge will power and bravery, and for that you should be commended – I know because I’ve been there, remember?

    Big respect, Carrie.

  3. alan holmes Says:

    60 miles, wow some going at this time of year!!

  4. danny winthorpe Says:

    Hi Carrie keep up the good work,
    Ihope to be out with the Vags next Saturday see you then,

  5. Alan Says:

    Certainly did, my shoulder can come inuseful sometimes

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