Week 3's Menu:

So this is week three and I find myself with two fairly similar menus left to go. I’m looking forward to seeing if the small things make a difference:

Friday Tea:                        Fish & Rice

Saturday Breakfast:     Beans, egg, bread, coffee. 

Snacks:                                 Cereal Bar, Flapjack, Banana.

Saturday Tea:                  Beef, Vegetables and fruit.

I’m not a big fan of breakfast, I find it difficult to drum up enthusiasm for anything that isn’t coffee soo close to waking up so this is going to be a huge breakfast for me. I’m very interested to see what happens.

Thanks for the flapjacks guys. I love them 🙂

As An Aside:

I was astonished to discover yesterday that I’d received a BIG shout out from a personal idol of mine, this man truly knows his stuff. What I didn’t realise was that while I was looking to him, he was looking at me so I just want to say thanks Magic James. ( this thank you list is growing quickly eh?).

Through getting off his bum and onto his pedals he’s shed nearly 7 stone. What this guy doesn’t know about nutrition probably isn’t worth finding out. Be inspired, you wont regret it, go take a look at his blog http://22stonecyclist.com/ it makes for compulsive reading.

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