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Buses, How It Came To Be & Pluggery

December 27, 2009

Turns out posts are like buses huh? None for a week or so and then two in one day.

For those of you who don’t know I’m not actually the cyclist in my household, my husband is. Earlier this year he cycled the coast to coast. When we met him at Tynemouth to take him home ( myself and the junior cyclist) he suggested we took the journey together for our wedding anniversary in April. I remember saying that I’d have to get some practice in and the rest is self-explanatory….

The truly heartwarming thing is just how deeply and strongly he has supported me, lending me his gear, fixing and adjusting things, talking me out of my fat days and babysitting when he could be riding, never complaining when I go mad on Ebay and buy 4 jerseys at once, even considering lending me his road bike come summer.

Which leads me to my next point. My husband is a talented photographer and the plan is for me to eventually earn enough money so that he can complete his degree. After much telling from his friends and wife Simon has put some of his photos on Redbubble so you can buy them as prints. Because I wholeheartedly believe he is that talented ( and that a print makes a lovely gift…) I urge you to go take a look, you’ll have lost nothing but calorie or so from the finger click. This is his Redbubble area and I’ve put a link on my sidebar.


What Went Down?

December 27, 2009

Well, finally the glass appears to be melting and hopefully I’ll be riding on Thursday. Yay, I’m more than ready for life to resume and here’s why: 

It’s been tough for more reasons than you’d think, as well as every issue possible in my personal life managing to converge and stampede across my mind there’s also the problem of December 25th. A year or two ago I decided to stop celebrating the mass of Christ for a few good reasons ( though I have a 5 year old child so cannot escape entirely, I’m not that cruel) but I just never know what to say when so many people wish me a merry time.. usually I just say thanks but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the sentiment.

It’s been a pretty rotten week or two for me. I’ve had (quite) a few personal difficulties and know I am an emotional eater, there has been no routine in my eating and I just haven’t had the fortitude to sort that out  so it’s unsurprising that I’ve gained 2 lbs (actually it is surprising, in these situations it’s not unusual for me to gain a hell of a lot more or at least it wasn’t). I’m going to choose to look at this in a positive light, OK gaining weight sucks but it shows that because my eating habits are slowly changing I’ve gained less weight than I usually would in similar circumstances, all I need to do is keep working towards living more healthily and eventually it will become second nature ( is the plan).

 Add this to the fact that I find it hard to get off my bum and onto the turbo trainer. It’s just boring, no scenery. Turns out I’m bad at monotony, Who’d have guessed? 🙂 My in laws have provided my child with a new TV. I think I may annexe his old TV and DVD player for my shed (where the turbo is), do you think that would help? 

Not much more to say… See you soon.

Boo Hiss..

December 19, 2009

I’m sure you’ve noted a lack of menu posting this week. Turns out I don’t have a deathwish after all and the weather is far too bad for me to be riding in. I find myself pacing and never before have I checked the Met office website so frequently. If this lasts much longer I’m going to have to take to my shed and actually take the turbo training idea seriously (I do keep trying but you know how it is…). I need a plan though. I hate exercise for exercise sake, it’s boring.

Anyway, The Magic James has devised a menu for me so for your viewing pleasure I will post it later. I am looking forward to trying it soon though I’m wary of the amount of dairy in it (I’m not a dairy fan but fear he is right as my diet is lacking in calciummy goodness).

So, whining over, I’m off to buy some yummy healthy ingredients. Oop, theres a Yay me going on, I’m wearing a pair of cropped jeans that havent fit me since before I got pregnant, The Boy is five now!

Blancmangey Days

December 16, 2009

I need to let this out. I feel so very very fat. After all this hard word, all this effort and sheer force of will, I feel fat.

It’s illogical. Yesterday I spent the day in a pair of size 14 jeans, OK, so they were a little on the snug side but compared to July when a size 20 was snug? They fastened; I wore them all day, size 14.

To put it in context I haven’t been a size 14 since I met my husband nearly 7 years ago and even then it’s because I survived on a diet of Lambrini and no food. I should feel triumphant shouldn’t I?

I stepped on the scales this morning (Sunday is weigh day. always a big mistake to weigh myself more than once a week) and appear to have inexplicably gained 7 lbs since Sunday. I’m no bigger; my clothes aren’t tighter, as you can see from the size 14 jeanage… ARGGGGHH.

What do I do? Do I work harder? Eat less? Throw out the cheapo scales and buy some decent ones? Put it down to hormones or water retention and go buy cake?

Truth be told I’ll probably do none of those things. I’m fitter than I have been since my school days so I’m probably going to keep going just the way I have been and keep an extra careful eye on things for a while. Setbacks are just something I’ll have to learn to get through and in the long term this is just a little blip. I am left wondering how other people deal with those fat days though.

Andy Ate Food, Andy Pedalled.

December 15, 2009

And Andy Says:

Friday: fish & pasta: I love Italian food so I was alright with this one. – Filling and tasty.

Sat breakfast: porridge with dried dates. – isn’t working for me. I kept running out of energy on the ride and having to stop for cereal bars. After talking to someone else I find I’m not the only one who thinks porridge is a non-starter. Back to egg & beans for me.

Verdict: 70 miles covered at 14.6mph average. Much more energy required than last week. I still kept running out of steam so obviously need to eat more before and during the ride.

I know I saw Andy eat far more and just as importantly drink far more than he ever has before and I have to admit to being impressed. I think Andy is proving far better than I can that a good fuelling strategy really is the key to exercise. Cheers Andy.


December 13, 2009

Friday evening I cooked myself a piece of fresh mackerel with some pasta and a slice of rye bread. Oddly for me I found it difficult to eat it all. The cake took care of itself, I spent the evening making the most gorgeously giant marbled brownie for a friend’s birthday but when I tried to put it on the cake board it was a centimetre too wide. There’s nothing like cake shavings.

I woke up at a ridiculous hour to eat 1 egg poached, half a tin of beans and half a bowl of porridge oats with water. I drank a cup of coffee but could only force myself to eat a couple of teaspoons of porridge, the same of beans and half the egg. So myself and the Junior Cyclist set off, 1 child dropped off and away I pedalled…

Cycling along out of Ashington I have to admit that my mind wasn’t in it, I’ve had one of those weeks where I just can’t seem to get motivated. Here’s the interesting part, my body disagreed, it just wasn’t listening my body was doing the work, my legs were turning. I arrived at Stannington half an hour later, which is super speedy for me and stopped to wait for my buddies. Turns out I had a long wait because someone slept in so I ate my banana.

Arriving at the café you could see there was a good turn out with a few children (Amazing that kids of 10 can cycle so far, if a child can do it so can you, no matter how unfit you think you are). My buddy Andy went off with a faster group (I’ll let him tell you how he did, check back for his report) and I, knowing I had a fair few miles left to pedal, pootled to the café stop with the slow group. I really enjoyed the ride. The pace was slow and it was a real social occasion, much chat was had and the young girl riding with us for the first time did so well.

Arriving back at Ponteland we stopped for coffee and a chat. With only forty odd miles on my clock I needed 25 more to hit my target so a plan was hatched to accompany Andy home to Newcastle (the long way round, apparently) then cycle back to Stannington. Four of us set off for a nice ride to Andys house. Now it was hard work, cycling with the Magic James is a daunting experience, the man has the biggest leg muscles I have ever seen! Hard work but fun.

One Andy dropped off and back to Stannington myself and The Magic James pedalled. That was hard work, I was starting to feel the pain of so many miles in one day and I was starting to feel the need for food. The ride to Stannington was a revelation and I was given a fair few suggestions for improvement (help is always gratefully received by me).

The miles from Stannington to home were the hardest of the day and I really had to push myself to get home before my husband went out. I pulled into the yard feeling as though bedtime was here, shaking and jelly legged but what a day I’d had. Thanks to some good friends only 20 of yesterdays 72 miles were pedalled alone.

All things considered I feel this menu went well, it must have to make it 72 miles in a day. I’m definitely a convert to the dried fruit.

It’ll be a while before I do that kind of distance again. I need a new target and truth be told I’d love to be able to get up those hills with everyone else, it’s horrible struggling up at the back. To do that I need to drop some more weight (another 3 pounds down this week).  If anyone has any advice and suggestions they’ll be gratefully received.

Gratuitous Thanks and a Quick Whoop.

December 12, 2009

72.4 miles at an average speed of 12.8 MPH. Can I get a Hell Yeah??

Today was the most interesting 72 miles. I’ve had some fantastic chats and most importantly now know that there are some fabulous people on bikes… 😀

I want to very publicly say thankyou to my buddy Andy, the Magic James and that nice guy Kieth (hope I got your name right, I am hopeless at names). You are all very much appreciated.

I don’t think I have an extra mile in me so I’m going to go in the shower and get ready for a party. You’ll get the full report tomorrow.