When Will I Be a Cyclist?

 I would habitually plague the husbands life out asking “when will I be a proper cyclist?”  “when though? when will I be a proper cyclist?” ad infinitum..

Sometimes lately I do feel like a proper cyclist, as I suppose I should, but never more so than this evening; We declared SORN on our car last month as we both work where we live and since I’m not working full time the car is a luxury. So my day went like this:

cycle to work

 cycle home

 cycle to the big green shop to buy an emergency birthday present for a 4 year old, buy half the shop, thank god for the luggage rack and my super strong rucksack.

Cycle home, put shopping away.

Cycle to birthday party, cycle home.

Sit on sofa. ( without the cake! )

bombing round town I realised that everywhere I went today I was self propelled and thankful for it. I love my bike, I love to pedal. I am a cyclist!

 I just had to share that 😀

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2 Comments on “When Will I Be a Cyclist?”

  1. Alan Says:

    Very well done. That shows some real commitment!

  2. notthewowy Says:

    I know, it was the lack of cake that did it. LOL.

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