Motivation and Menus

I’ve found myself just not having the mental energy to really watch my diet carefully. I was stuck in the house with a sick child most of the week, missing college and bored stiff, generally filling the gaps with food. On the upside it’s nothing like the binges of old, when I was fat and lazy but the downside? It seems every time I let my eating slip the urge to get off my bum and onto my pedals gets smaller and the inertia sets in.

I woke up this morning so glad that Friday was here. Why? because I had a plan. I had this weeks menu and oddly enough, knowing that I had to do it ( I made a promise) I discovered that I was itching to get on my bike and out riding tomorrow no matter how it turns out.The conclusion I have come to is that it isn’t just a case of doing one thing right but a combination of meal with mind.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, either way I have homemade flapjacks so it couldn’t possibly be all bad could it?

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3 Comments on “Motivation and Menus”

  1. Alan Says:

    Join the club, I find that if I am off the bike I start eating more rubbish foods.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Carrie, just catching up with your blog. You have done amazing completing the 72 miles you set out to do, well done and thankfully we haven’t killed you with our experimental diets. Keep going, it’s inspiring, makes me want get up off my backside and do something.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Glad to hear it Cheryl. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed trying the menus, or how much I’ve learned from it, or even how many new friends I’ve made. Thanks.

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