The Report; Saturday 5th December.

Fish and rice is fast becoming one of my favourite meals. It’s quick and tasty. On Friday I took the liberty of adding some leftover ratatouille too. mmm.

So I woke up early on Saturday morning, which was probably a good thing, went straight to the cupboard for my giant breakfast ( well that’s how it felt, I was a bit dubious about the amount of food here) and found the german rye bread I’d forgotten I’d bought. hmm. 1 softly poached egg, 1/2 a tin of beans and 1 slice of toasted rye bread washed down with a cup of coffee. My but I felt full, I could feel the food sitting in my stomach. Of course that was no reflection on the breakfast but rather the fact that breakfast is the one meal of the day I don’t want to eat, I’m just not a morning person.

At quarter to eight myself and the junior cyclist set off for his aunties, 1 child dropped off and away I pedaled to meet the lovely Mr Holmes at Stannington station, my legs revolving almost of their own accord. There is no feeling as good as knowing you’re feeling fine and pedalling away. I arrived at the petrol station 10 minutes early. What a difference from last week eh?

Alan lead the way to Ponteland ( I needed his help, I could get lost in a crisp packet) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a bit chat and made it to the coffee shop in good time. a cuppa, a banana and we were ready for the off. This week the turnout was small and the ride leader had rung to say he had a puncture and would be late so we set off without him as one group.

While I find it so very frustrating that week after week I’m at the back working so very hard just to almost keep up I really enjoyed this weeks ride. It was kind of a special occasion for me, almost an anniversary, we were going to the same cafe stop as on my first ride with the club also with the same ride leader, Danny, who appeared almost out of nowhere a few miles in,(I just have to say to Danny, well done, I can see the weight dropping off you and I know how hard you must be working at it) . I can see now how far I actually have come and I can also see how far I have to go but now I know I can get there, there’s nothing can stop me. As we turned into the cafe at Meldon Park ( very nice food, gorgeous cakes and tasty coffee, though the service is rather relaxed) I could still feel that giant breakfast at work.

After a fairly long stop for coffee. homemade flapjacks and lots of chat we set off for the return to Ponteland. Once again I’m at the back struggling to keep up. But I didn’t feel bad about it, there were a few hills this week that once would have beaten me. Now I may be the last person to the top and I may do it at a crawl but I still do it. I can’t help thinking that breakfast and those flapjacks had some part in this.

Then came the ride home, My buddy Andy offered to cycle back to Stannington Station with me. Again I felt good and ready to pedal. Nice chat and a fairly speedy ( for me and the mileage under my belt anyway) pedal to Stannington where we stopped for a cereal bar and parted ways. By now my neck and shoulders were aching a little but off I pedaled home still able to turn the wheels fairly easily. There are no words to describe the feeling of arriving home after 64 miles of pedalling, feeling good about yourself and your day and that lovely ache that tells you you’ve achieved something.

A quick shower, tea of beef and veg ( which I was more than ready for, it was so tasty, word cannot convey just how hungry I felt) and I was off out for the husbands birthday. I was a little tired, it had been a long day but I felt pretty good and ready to celebrate.

Good Menu?

Stats:                  64 miles at approximately 13 MPH.

I really did feel that the breakfast made a difference this week and will make more of an effort with the first meal of the day, I also really enjoyed those flapjacks. Thanks guys.

Every week it becomes clearer to me that fuelling your body properly and pro-actively, is utterly important when cycling. Even clearer to me is the relationship between what I eat and how I feel about what I eat. The right frame of mind in conjunction with the right foods at the right time and suddenly the cycling is happening almost of its own accord.

Today I feel positive about my progress, I have nowhere to go but up and nothing to get but better.

I told you my friend Andy also tried the menu this week. Look out for his report too, I’m really interested to see his impressions of the menu and the ride.

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4 Comments on “The Report; Saturday 5th December.”

  1. Roger Says:

    Well done Carrie – you’ll not be at the back for long at this rate!

    • notthewowy Says:

      Roger, I can’t lie, sometimes the back is the most awful and disheartening place to be and I hope one day not to be there. Some days that feels impossible and some days, like today, it feels inevitable. Having so many proper cyclists telling me how well I’m doing really makes me think what you’ve said is true. Thank you so much.

      • Roger Says:

        Well, you see, almost all of us have been there (although some seem to have forgotten!). When I started with a club, I was at (or off) the back for the first year, in the middle for the next year, then at the front the year after.

        You’re already doing big distances (which is a big achievement in itself), and the extra little bit of speed you’re looking for won’t take too long to find. Don’t give up on it when it gets hard – just think of what Danny and James have achieved in one year. I don’t think they could have conceived a year ago of where they are now.

        In any case, you did more miles than James this weekend!

  2. notthewowy Says:

    You have no idea (ok, so you probably do) how much the encouragement helps. I can truthfully promise you I have absolutely no intention of giving up.Let’s see what this week brings, I will make it 70 miles or else.

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