Saturday 5th Dec Ride- Someone Elses Report

 I told you about my buddy Andy didn’t I? He’s been cycling off and on for about 3 years now, he’s well over 6 foot tall and is built like a stick. Andy freely admits to under fuelling and has kindly agreed to be a guinea pig in the hope of improving his (already better than my) performance. In the wake of much nagging from me here’s his report:

Friday’s meal: fried haddock & tomatoes, boiled rice & veg. filling and tasty.

I’m afraid I deviated slightly from the set menu to the tune of one big slice of treacle pudding and cream. My dedication to the cause is not as thorough as Carrie’s.

Saturday breakfast: ½ tin of beans spiced up with chilli sauce, fried egg and two slices of toast. A hot meal is important on a cold day. I skipped the coffee cos I didn’t want to feel dizzy and nauseous – ask Carrie what happens when you feed me double expresso. (It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen, think beavis and butthead the movie! C.)

Since I consist mostly of skin & bone I feel the cold quite quickly, my feet were numb after the last ride, so I invested in some thermal tights. Cold legs don’t have the energy to push the pedals. I was also back on my road bike after slogging away for a couple of weeks on my heavy old brick of a mountain bike. & with being warm & having energy topped up with regular cereal bars and Carrie’s fantastic homemade flapjack, accelerating & climbing seemed effortless in comparison. I’m sure I’ve not been getting enough calories on long rides. Being thin I’m constantly running on empty so the regular flapjacks/cereal bars definitely helped and I still had lots of energy right to the end.

 In conclusion it’s difficult to say just how much difference the diet made compared to other factors like being warmer and having a faster bike, but I will certainly eat more during future rides.

Next weeks menu will be posted tomorrow morning. Should I make Andy try it next week too? C.

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One Comment on “Saturday 5th Dec Ride- Someone Elses Report”

  1. notthewowy Says:

    But if you don’t eat more I have a better chance of keeping up with you 😦

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