The Final Class Menu

The last three weeks have certainly been interesting. This is the final class menu:

Friday Tea:                      Fish, Pasta, Bread and Cake.

Saturday Breakfast:  Oats, Egg, Beans, Fruit and Coffee.

Snacks:                               Banana, Dried Fruit, Flapjacks, Cereal bar.

Saturday Tea:                Rice, Cheese, Vegetables, Cake and Beef.

That sounds like an awful lot of food doesn’t it? Well at least I wont go hungry. Bonus points to this group, everyone knows that cyclists love cake. 🙂

What happens next week?

It has been both an education and a whole lot of fun for me trying these menus. So a friend of mine who really really knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition ( yes, you’ve guessed, it’s the Magic James again) is going to plan my menu next week. Lets see what he can do eh?

After that?

Do you guys think you can do it any better? I’m willing to try anything once so if anyone out there wants to design a sensible menu for me I will try it and report back. Send them to

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