Friday evening I cooked myself a piece of fresh mackerel with some pasta and a slice of rye bread. Oddly for me I found it difficult to eat it all. The cake took care of itself, I spent the evening making the most gorgeously giant marbled brownie for a friend’s birthday but when I tried to put it on the cake board it was a centimetre too wide. There’s nothing like cake shavings.

I woke up at a ridiculous hour to eat 1 egg poached, half a tin of beans and half a bowl of porridge oats with water. I drank a cup of coffee but could only force myself to eat a couple of teaspoons of porridge, the same of beans and half the egg. So myself and the Junior Cyclist set off, 1 child dropped off and away I pedalled…

Cycling along out of Ashington I have to admit that my mind wasn’t in it, I’ve had one of those weeks where I just can’t seem to get motivated. Here’s the interesting part, my body disagreed, it just wasn’t listening my body was doing the work, my legs were turning. I arrived at Stannington half an hour later, which is super speedy for me and stopped to wait for my buddies. Turns out I had a long wait because someone slept in so I ate my banana.

Arriving at the café you could see there was a good turn out with a few children (Amazing that kids of 10 can cycle so far, if a child can do it so can you, no matter how unfit you think you are). My buddy Andy went off with a faster group (I’ll let him tell you how he did, check back for his report) and I, knowing I had a fair few miles left to pedal, pootled to the café stop with the slow group. I really enjoyed the ride. The pace was slow and it was a real social occasion, much chat was had and the young girl riding with us for the first time did so well.

Arriving back at Ponteland we stopped for coffee and a chat. With only forty odd miles on my clock I needed 25 more to hit my target so a plan was hatched to accompany Andy home to Newcastle (the long way round, apparently) then cycle back to Stannington. Four of us set off for a nice ride to Andys house. Now it was hard work, cycling with the Magic James is a daunting experience, the man has the biggest leg muscles I have ever seen! Hard work but fun.

One Andy dropped off and back to Stannington myself and The Magic James pedalled. That was hard work, I was starting to feel the pain of so many miles in one day and I was starting to feel the need for food. The ride to Stannington was a revelation and I was given a fair few suggestions for improvement (help is always gratefully received by me).

The miles from Stannington to home were the hardest of the day and I really had to push myself to get home before my husband went out. I pulled into the yard feeling as though bedtime was here, shaking and jelly legged but what a day I’d had. Thanks to some good friends only 20 of yesterdays 72 miles were pedalled alone.

All things considered I feel this menu went well, it must have to make it 72 miles in a day. I’m definitely a convert to the dried fruit.

It’ll be a while before I do that kind of distance again. I need a new target and truth be told I’d love to be able to get up those hills with everyone else, it’s horrible struggling up at the back. To do that I need to drop some more weight (another 3 pounds down this week).  If anyone has any advice and suggestions they’ll be gratefully received.

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2 Comments on “Reportage:”

  1. James Says:

    Super impressed with you, Carrie. Was a pleasure and an experience!

    By the way… big muscles = extra weight = slower!!! Well that’s my thinking anyway! Look at all the pros, they have skinny but powerful legs!

  2. notthewowy Says:

    That’s true. But it’s still a daunting prospect to ride with the Magic Man. 😀 I’m super impressed with you too.

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