Andy Ate Food, Andy Pedalled.

And Andy Says:

Friday: fish & pasta: I love Italian food so I was alright with this one. – Filling and tasty.

Sat breakfast: porridge with dried dates. – isn’t working for me. I kept running out of energy on the ride and having to stop for cereal bars. After talking to someone else I find I’m not the only one who thinks porridge is a non-starter. Back to egg & beans for me.

Verdict: 70 miles covered at 14.6mph average. Much more energy required than last week. I still kept running out of steam so obviously need to eat more before and during the ride.

I know I saw Andy eat far more and just as importantly drink far more than he ever has before and I have to admit to being impressed. I think Andy is proving far better than I can that a good fuelling strategy really is the key to exercise. Cheers Andy.

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3 Comments on “Andy Ate Food, Andy Pedalled.”

  1. James Says:

    Porridge should be working – if it gets a big lad like me through the fast group ride it should help fuel you…

    Perhaps you’re not eating enough, early enough – it takes a while to kick in being a complex carb and just a small portion ain’t gonna help. I have 100g (weight before cooking) on a ride day, how much you having?

  2. Alan Says:

    Thre is a school of thought amongst nutritionits who support metabolic testing as the best way to set your dietary requirements. They put forward that individuals are quite different in their requirements due to their metabolism and require a different balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat. I believe the lack of general popularity is that it takes around 4 weeks of testing to get the initial base and then needs to be tuned every 3 months. They do support natural healthy foods but it is the propotion of carbs, protein and fats per meal that is fine tuned. It could be that you require a larger percentage of protein. Porridge has around 8 grams of protein in a normal serving wheras the body has the capacity to absorb around 25 grams per meal. Protein does paly some part in metabolising carbs and it suggested that some protein could be added to porridge to make up the shortfall. It is generally recognised that the cereal / porridge breakfast could be low on proteins. The proteins can be upped by adding cold milled flaxseed and or goji berries. Not claiming to being an expert, just throwing in some ideas. I do believe that you have to find what suits you

  3. notthewowy Says:

    You know, I’ve taken to eating polenta gruel with wheatgerm for breakfast. Porridge doesn’t seem to work for me either and this way I get my carbs and protein without the fat and excess calories. No idea if it would work for other people but it’s something to think about.

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