What Went Down?

Well, finally the glass appears to be melting and hopefully I’ll be riding on Thursday. Yay, I’m more than ready for life to resume and here’s why: 

It’s been tough for more reasons than you’d think, as well as every issue possible in my personal life managing to converge and stampede across my mind there’s also the problem of December 25th. A year or two ago I decided to stop celebrating the mass of Christ for a few good reasons ( though I have a 5 year old child so cannot escape entirely, I’m not that cruel) but I just never know what to say when so many people wish me a merry time.. usually I just say thanks but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the sentiment.

It’s been a pretty rotten week or two for me. I’ve had (quite) a few personal difficulties and know I am an emotional eater, there has been no routine in my eating and I just haven’t had the fortitude to sort that out  so it’s unsurprising that I’ve gained 2 lbs (actually it is surprising, in these situations it’s not unusual for me to gain a hell of a lot more or at least it wasn’t). I’m going to choose to look at this in a positive light, OK gaining weight sucks but it shows that because my eating habits are slowly changing I’ve gained less weight than I usually would in similar circumstances, all I need to do is keep working towards living more healthily and eventually it will become second nature ( is the plan).

 Add this to the fact that I find it hard to get off my bum and onto the turbo trainer. It’s just boring, no scenery. Turns out I’m bad at monotony, Who’d have guessed? 🙂 My in laws have provided my child with a new TV. I think I may annexe his old TV and DVD player for my shed (where the turbo is), do you think that would help? 

Not much more to say… See you soon.

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One Comment on “What Went Down?”

  1. Alan Says:

    Tv and DVD can help but i find that the best thing is to have a structure to the session. If you are changing what you are doing (cadence, effort…) every couple of minutes it gives you something to concentrate on. The turbo is about quality not quantity. Many may disagree but………

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