More Magicians, Just What A Novice Needs.

I am a total novice when it comes to bikes. I have not an ounce of common sense or practical skill. I’m learning though. After a nice lesson from my bud Andy in changing my back break blocks I attempted to do the front ones unsupervised. I made a good job of it even if I do say so myself. Suddenly though the front brakes wouldn’t release, or something technical like that. Oh boo.

I did some googleing and got not very far but during a discussion with my buddy Andy discovered there was some spring or something that might need adjusting so in a fit of stupidity out came my allen keys and I KILLED IT. Whoopsie daisy, no brakes. 😦

I’d like to add Andy to my list of magic people because he’s just driven 15 miles in this weather with some pretty cool tools ( Andy’s a clock maker dude) and fiddled and fiddled till it was fixed, saving me lots of time and money and teaching me about brakes and stuff. On top of that he’s left with my husbands broken amp!

Cheers And the Magic Horologist, you’re the cycling buddy every girl needs.

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