Silly Girl…

In my current state of mind I decided that getting exercise would be a good thing. I was soo right and I feel back in the swing. What I didn’t bank on was not having the brains (seriously, depression makes you stupid!) to dry my bike after putting it back in the shed. Rusty bits. arrgh.  So while everybody normal is celebrating the coming of Friday I will be performing well overdue lovings and chain replacement.

Why do I feel no enthusiasm for this task? I should because having a cyclist for a husband means it’s ok to get oil on the kitchen floor and wash your wheels in the shower ( Yes, I was one of those kids that was always playing in the clarts) and usually that is fun.


You know what is fun? Playing one legged cyclist on your way to and from work. You get some brilliant looks.


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2 Comments on “Silly Girl…”

  1. Andy Says:

    Washing the bike in the shower – what a good idea! Warm water and it’s not like you’re going to mind getting wet(ter).

  2. notthewowy Says:

    no but it does make a big mess of the bathroom and is best done in your underwear.

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