Something Kinda Human.

Riding Saturday was an awful lot of fun. Riding yesterday in the almost sunshine was great! Two days in a row after the sofa episode was pretty brave. Not as brave as And, for whom Sunday was the first outdoor miles of the year, I can’t believe how easily he climbed Bothal Bank. I love riding with friends. You can learn something every time.

In the afternoon I had a lovely visit from the Magic James. He came to help me define my maximum heart rate which is useful for many things. For me right now I’m going to use it to make sure I’m working to ensure fat loss, carrying this much weight means I can’t be the person I want to be.  Do you want to hear how that went?

Of course you do, it involves torture, Andys first. We set the turbo up in the kitchen and put Andy on it. The James, with glee in his eyes, worked Andy till the kitchen floor was wet with perspiration, doing some scribbling of some kind and Andy couldn’t physically carry on. Then he did the same to me. The thing that I find incomprehensible is that I kind of enjoyed it. <headshake>

So, the discovery is that we are both completely average in terms of max heart rate. I now have a useful tool which gives me extra motivation and in a convoluted way seems to be helping me get my eating back on track.

Thanks to the Magic James who just doesn’t look right in civvies.

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3 Comments on “Something Kinda Human.”

  1. James Says:

    Ah, you’re both very, very welcome.

    I wouldn’t say you’re average, nobody who gets on a bike and chooses to push themselves as hard as they can is average. Average is sitting on the sofa, drinking beer, smoking and eating pizza whilst watching X-Factor. Neither of you are average.

    What you both are is defined as normal, for healthy people of your age. Well done to both of you!

    And next time I’ll come naked.

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