Ride Number 2.

I think joining the Vags was the best thing I ever did. I have learned so much and think that I have become a far better cyclist for it. I love the social aspect of the Saturday ride and can see myself getting fitter, faster and better each week. I hadn’t planned on joining a club and really only went on the first club ride because my husband and friends were haranguing me. They were right but my first ride was a nerve wracking experience, what made me return was how patiently and respectfully I was treated and still am. 

There was a new face on Saturday and with this in mind I asked her how she found the club and the ride- She’s happily provided me with her view on things and I’m sharing it with you.

Ok, here’s my ride report from the my first club ride with the Tyneside Vagabonds. I found this club on the internet and was attracted to their Saturday morning leisure rides, particularly their statement that no-one gets left behind (hooray!) I emailed them on Wednesday and they said I could meet them in Ponteland at 10am on Saturday. There followed 2 days butterflies. What had I just agreed to! I’ve barely ridden my bike since last September!!!  

Anyhoo, onto the ride itself. There were about 30 people of all ages at the start, 5 were female. The lead group shot off like stink. I followed the slower group. The pace was quite quick averaging at about 15mph, and I quickly got puffed. The group splintered and I found myself in a group of 4 with Carrie, Ray and Ray The pace in our small group was a lot more comfortable and I really settled into the ride. The banter was fun and I was enjoying being out on the bike. The route we took was along traffic free country lanes, although the roads were very pot-holey after the snow.

All the different groups met up at the golf course tea shop and I had a lovely cup of tea and Carrie shared her rocky road cake with me. I met some of the other cyclists and enjoyed listening to their friendly banter.
The return ride was 7 miles back to Ponteland. I really enjoyed this ride, my slowness didn’t seem to matter and I always had someone cycling beside me chatting away. There weren’t any big hills in this ride thank goodness as I couldn’t shift down into my small chainring.

They really were a nice bunch, not sure what they really thought of me but all credit to them that no-one commented on the fact that I was wearing cleated spd shoes but riding on flat pedals.
I have been invited back next week and am looking forward to going out again.

Miles 22
Ride time 2.04 hrs
Tea shop time 1 hr
Av Spd 10.6
Max spd 26.2

I would say to anyone who likes to cycle to come along and give it a try, you have nothing to lose, so much to gain and we don’t bite.

I’ll tell you all about my first ride some other time. I’d love to hear about other peoples first time too.


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3 Comments on “Ride Number 2.”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    I was hoping for a first time in February, but my local team are elusive. Glossop Kinder Velo. I hope I can join them as they ride from just across the road from my house. That would be super.

    I hope when I eventually do my first ride, someone has some rocky road cake for me. I might make it a stipulation.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    haha, I have a lovely recipe for flapjack. There may be some of that on Saturday. Catch the train up and come join us. 🙂

  3. Emma Rush Says:

    I’m riding (a bike) in wales next saturday. Get me. Jet Set!

    One saturday though, would be ace!

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