Who Hatez Progress?

How do you measure progress?

 I, like a lot of the larger people, have an issue with gravity. It pursues us relentlessly making hill climbing hard. How do I know I’m getting better? What do I use to mark the march of fitness?

Well, I could weigh myself every day (which I do, and record so I can see a general trend even with the natural day to day fluctuations) or I could use a cycle computer to measure my average speed and I could use a heart rate monitor to measure exertion or do all sorts of weird and wonderful increasingly more complex and expensive things but I can’t afford to right now. I’ve been without even a cycle computer for a couple of weeks and during a short hill hunting foray today I wondered, how do I measure my progress? 

I am a lalala-head when I’m pedalling alone and pedalling along talking to myself I realised that not one jot of a ride has been measured since last year. How do I know how far I’ve come, if anywhere? Truthfully I don’t and I don’t feel disheartened. I’ve been on a hillhunt today, just a little one-Short steep ones, long shallow ones and a combination of both and I made it up to the top and carried on to the next still smiling. Yes, one of those was that special nemesis of mine Bothal (count with me, that’s 1 of the 3, see my goals in this post here https://notthewowy.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/after-the-small-things/

This is how I measure progress; That I actively sought the dreaded UP and enjoyed each moment of it, that I am not collapsed in a heap on the sofa, that I can see my body changing, tightening. That I am happy and comfortable in my skin. That I miss my bloody cycle computer anyway, best go fit the new one.

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6 Comments on “Who Hatez Progress?”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    Friend told me today that they recommend not weighing self and concentrate on just exercising. Then weighing once in a while. I’m not sure myself. If I do weigh self daily, it does help keep me on track.

    I really would like a garmin to do all manner of fancy graphs and stats, but they are mega expensive.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    Tis true, I used to weigh myself once a week but felt, on those fluctuatey days where I’d appear to gain a few pounds, like a failure. This way theres always tomorrow. 🙂

  3. danny winthorpe Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Alan Holmes was telling me,that when he dropped his car off for a service he rode home,
    He was dreading the big climb to ponteland but it never came ,
    It was a year since he rode that route and he had improved so much but hadnt realised .
    Thats what happens gradual improvement,plateaus then improvement again.
    Keep at it and it will come

  4. notthewowy Says:

    Cheers Danny, I’m feeling pretty good about the UP part today. Now things may change tomorrow but I was saying to James earlier that the hills that killed me a few month ago often barely register any more. 😀

    I have set myself the goal of not giving up and stopping or getting off and pushing on Bothal bank 3 times in a row, that was 1 and I feel great about it.

    Speaking of Alan, he told me he used the long climb out of Bothal in a similar manner when he was in my position so I tried that today too. Glad I did.

    Cheers hen.

  5. welshcyclist Says:

    My cycle computer broke down irretrieveably a couple of months ago, I’ve been off the bike for a good 6 weeks, save for 3 sorties, and I’m feeling the effects badly. I’ve got a new computer, but I can’t face the hassle of attaching it to the old commuter, so I’m getting lazy in many ways. I’ve been hiding from the icey conditions. I wimped out after a bad fall December ’08, I succumbed again, when I thought it was safe to venture out, last Monday. I managed to find the only patch of ice in my village, and once again fell to the ground, got a couple of nasty gashes on my left shin to show for it. But I’m going back to the commute tomorrow, it’s a 40 mile round trip, and I know it’s going to kill me, especially my own nemesis of a hill en route, after this long lay off, but I’ve got to get back into it. Christmas and no cycling have taken their toll, because I’m feeling flabby and lazy. There is no let up, nor would I want it any other way, because I love to cycle.

    • notthewowy Says:

      It does, the first ever 30 miler I did started with a removal of the skin on my shin, I still have the scar and it was totally worth it. Get back on your bike and dont beat yourself up over what cannot be changed now. It’s a marathon not a sprint. I’ll be rooting for you.

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