Like a hole in the heid

 So I pootled off to pick up the boy from school without picking up my hat, he rammed me, I fell, tiny hole in the back of my head pouring with blood, giant lump. Nice nurse gave me pain killers then glued me back together. Yay what fun.

Dont bother telling me off, I already know. I will apologise for any typos or inappropriate comments though. ( or at least blame the painkillers).

Oh well, no bones broken. I live, I learn. I could get used to the floaty painkillers too….


Pictures added 30 January 2010 by popular request.. It’s a lot cleaner than it was thanks to my compulsive picking. Thats the glue you can see.

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13 Comments on “Like a hole in the heid”

  1. Carrieanne Says:

    Ohhh ouch glad your Ok apart from the sore head. You wont forget your hat again will you!!

  2. deratsym Says:

    Glad you’re ok 🙂

  3. notthewowy Says:

    Yeah well, if I’m going to tell the world when I do a good thing I’m sure as hell going to tell them when I do a stupid thing. Anything else would be cheating.

    Because everybody does stupid things from time to time. That is how we learn.

  4. Emma Rush Says:

    I fell off my bike today! Very unspectacular though. On ice. I went “oooh I’m going” and then fell. I don’t have a massive hole in my head though.

    How long before you can ride (a bike)? How long?

    • notthewowy Says:

      Now. It’s not terminal, only painful. I was riding today in the 4 inches of snow till the Household Cyclist pointed out that I had a hole in my head and what would happen if I fell off and bashed it again… indeed. I hate it when he’s right, I just keep forgetting that I’m not invincible after all.

    • Joby Says:

      Ha ha ha! Yes you did Emma. Yes you did 🙂

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Ooh it looks nasty! Missed you on the ride today.

    • notthewowy Says:

      nah, it’s not so bad. Well, it’s a little sore. Not as much as I missed the you guys. 😦 I am an addict. My week has no definition without a ride.

  6. Joby Says:

    At least you’ve learned your lesson for next time 🙂

  7. Phill Says:

    Ow. I have nothing more to say. Except: Ow.

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