Hard Hat Owners Anonymous.

Taken today, this is how I’m healing, pretty well if you ask me. That bruise on my leg is where I saved the bike from a good bashing., the second photo is a giant clump of glue that got stuck in my hair. Most of the glue has been picked off because I just cant help myself and it doesn’t hurt now unless I poke it.

I didn’t realise quite how painful it was until I’d had a glass or two of red Saturday night and managed to somehow sleep on it. Sunday very quickly turned into a sofa-blankey day, which was the best possible thing I could have done. I woke up this morning feeling like me. Refreshed, happy, painfree and raring to go. I didn’t actually realise quite what a bashing I’d given myself until now, now I can think straight I can see what I must have put the Household Cyclist through. He arrived home from college to find me shaking, coat covered in blood, towel pressed to my head on the phone to the doctor, I was so sure then that I was making sense but somehow I doubt it.


Anyway, now  that’s over and I’m healing I’m going to make the second assault on Bothal Bank, as per my goals, tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck.


14stone 2 and holding 😀

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