Hills and Heights and Monty Python.

I have so much to say that I can’t put it in order. Prepare to be gabbled at, but then after the concussion postings you’ll be following it nicely….

Firstly, Bothal, You Are Owned. That bank almost belongs to me now. Second  climbing in a row. C’mon, dance with me 😀

Here’s what went down in case you would like to re-create my little hill hunt (well, they are hills to me,ok?). You leave my house, meander up past ashington farm (short steep hill on a bend), take a right then a left down bothal bank, up the long fairly shallow hill to Pegswood, down the Whorral bank (the hill that never ends, its a deceptive one…) into Morpeth, turn around up the Whorral bank (just when you think you’re at the top there’s more…), down the long hill to Bothal and up my nemesis, Bothal Bank, this hill and me we have a history…. But I beat that mare into submission. Anyway, turn left and down Sheepwash into Stakeford then up the hill past the Anglers, down into Ashington and up the Blackclose bank. Thats a lot of up for a fat bird.

have some stats (yay)

14.125 miles

10.2 ave speed

31.1 max

1.23.15 time

I think thats just spectacular and I am feeling really happy for me. I’m not a lover of the up, well, I wasn’t. But I may be changing my mind. Anyway, thats 2 of the 3 I’m going for.

Pedalling Leads to Random Thinking…..which I’m sharing ‘cos I’m nice like that:

Now, pedalling alone I do tend to lalalala inside my head. The singing is the best part. I know I’m working hard if I’m singing, really, problem is the monty python/ st james infirmary repertoire and the people who I pass. I must look like a mental.

The tablets seem to be helping with my state of mind, though I’m sure the exercise helps more. But the side effect that isn’t dissipating is the loss of appetite. Which I was contemplating as I pedaled. See, as a weight loss plan it sounds like a bonus huh? it’s not, losing weight is not easy. I believe your body is a very smart machine. If it doesn’t know where from or when the next meal is coming it’s going to try its hardest to hang on to every bit of energy it gets.  I’ve believed for about 2 stone that starving doesn’t work. Every time I start the day without the routine of breakfast my whole day goes to pot, instead of my usual four meals a day its becomes a mess of OMG its tea time, I should eat… the results have spoken for themselves, these are the periods where my weight rises or at best stays the same. And then the exercise follows and I’m back on the sofa. Because I’m a person and I struggle plenty.

This is the other thing. Losing weight and getting fit is not easy, what it is is simple. Eat your foods as close to their natural state as possible, make the sensible choice more often than not and move around more. Put like that it sounds easy but if that were the case all the organised diet religions wouldn’t take so many peoples money. Nor would the stoopid rub it in, burn it, stick a patch on, swallow it pseudo pharmaceutical companies. Keep your money, get some supportive friends instead, they are cheaper and far more useful. Im not sharing mine though, they are too lovely.

The last thing.. I’m not one to wade in and whine about car drivers, preferring to point and laugh when they instead crash because they were too busy overtaking me to see the tree… but today I wish I was. Honestly, its like the nutbarn let them out for the day on a dodgem course!


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16 Comments on “Hills and Heights and Monty Python.”

  1. Cath Says:

    Woo-hoo! Well done, lass. You’re the hillmeister!
    Be careful though, they can play with your head and before you know it, they taunt you relentlessly to ride them and you’ll soon find you’re actually enjoying the pain!
    This is entirely from memory – and not my current experience – presently, they’re just taunting me – with a lot of the pain and none of the enjoyment!

    Keep up the good work with the weight loss too. Still not sure about the polenta, but whatever floats your boat for breakfast; it’s all good. 😀

  2. notthewowy Says:

    Thanks Cath. Don’t all cyclists enjoy pain tho?

  3. Alan Says:

    Keep it up. Over time you will find that the list of ‘hills’ goes down and they become merely slopes that you take no notice of.

  4. notthewowy Says:

    Cheers Alan, I hear it from a little bird that you have personal experience of this….

  5. Joby Says:

    Alan is spot on!

  6. notthewowy Says:

    He is Joby. In September I gave myself the goal of climbing the whorral bank and now its barely a blip to me. 🙂 It’s funny though how one goal leads to another isn’t it? Now I find myself actively looking for the next major up just so I can learn to climb.

  7. Joby Says:

    Check out 100 hill for cycling in the UK on Amazon – not out yet but will be buying it when it is.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Cheers Joby. I’ll look it up. I’m not great at hills yet but am definately feeling more positive than I was. At least now I know that I may be slow but I can get to the top. 🙂

  8. welshcyclist Says:

    I just love your line:-
    “Because I’m a person I struggle plenty.”

    That is so true of me, in particular, but it must include everyone else, if truth be told, because we are all only separated by degrees of struggle, not just in our quests to cycle, lose weight or even climb hills.
    I’d just like to add I enjoy reading your blog, it’s great to know, there are real people out there, who are fellow “strugglers”. Cheers.

  9. notthewowy Says:

    Well I feel the same way about you guys. Having people going through it with you and before you is the most reassuring thing possible. Of course we struggle, everybody does and when people like us talk about how we struggle then maybe someone else will decide not to give up, and then when I do struggle there are people who have dealt with it to help me stay up. You know?

  10. James Says:

    There’s no better feeling than when you conquer a hill. The first time I tried to climb Bilsmoor and the Gibbet, I died a thousands deaths. In fact, on Bilsmoor, I fell over trying to get the bike moving after an unplanned stop for breath. Not good.

    I still get butterflies in my stomach at the bottom of a large climb, and every time the road turns upwards, it seems daunting. But I keep at it, knowing that one day I will not be scared.

    Well done, Carrie. Hills are there to be conquered, not to be feared.

    Keep it up. x

  11. Saramsu Says:

    Your website is like a blonde with a brain. I like it. All jokes aside, vesry informative post and equally impressive design.

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