Fest of the Whingeing

You ever feel like the weather has it in for you? Or the world? gahhhhh. I had permission to sod the housework and go play today so big raspberrys to the bloody frost on the darned ground. Oh I had such plans and now I’ll be doing housework, homework and bloody turbo. Or maybe I’ll just spend the day facebooking, that’ll show that evil weather. I hope it’s better for the weekend, I’m supposed to be meeting a new cycling buddy for the ride in to Ponteland. The she kind and I’m so so looking forward to it.


My head is itching like the blazes too. grrrrrrr.

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2 Comments on “Fest of the Whingeing”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog since James mentioned it a while back. Nice work, well done!

    I share your pain re the weather, make it stop!

    • notthewowy Says:

      Why thank you 🙂 It’s certainly nice to meet you. It is looking up as it seems to be thawing here, Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me enough time for a good play. oh well. Hoping for the third attack on my nemesis tomorrow 🙂

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