Does it Hurt & Is it Wrong

Almost all gone. Yay. Although the picking of the scabs out of the hair was quite therapeutic I did look like a fool wearing a hat all day. It’s amazing that it’s gone from that big patch to the tiny one in a couple of day. I’m so glad.



 Is it wrong to be looking forward so much to tomorrow? I love the ride in to Ponteland, hopefully with my newest cycling buddy Kell, my best bud And and the Magic James. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited? Then I get to ride with Suzanne which is nice as I missed her second ride and I was gutted.

On the downside I am worried that I’ll be slow or crap or any of that as a week really isn’t that long to get over a bash on the head is it? Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow with the report. I hope it’s a glowing one.

I’m just editing to add the fact that I’ve gotten round to figuring out when my first Saturday ride was. It was the 10th of October 09. I’ve been a non-smoker since the 5th Oct and did my first 30 miler the first week in October. I’ve come a long way huh?

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5 Comments on “Does it Hurt & Is it Wrong”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Saturday’s ride since getting off the bike after last Saturday’s ride…it’s not wrong – just a highlight of the week!!

    Looking back on what you’ve done, you’ve come a long long way, and you will continue to get stronger and faster.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    WoooooHoooooooooo, here goes the rest of your life down the drain, pedal first, everything else second. LMAO. I’m pretty gobsmacked at myself when I look back like that. 6 or 7 months ago I couldn’t manage 15 mile a day at any speed more than a walk. I was hugely fat and got out of breath at the top of my stairs. Now I run to the 5th floor at college and have managed a 70 miler at a decent average. YAY. 🙂

  3. Keep going! You’re fantastically!

  4. Err, that should be “doing” fantastically…sorry!

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