Ride Number 3

So yesterday, umm yeah. It was certainly interesting. Let me tell you about it:

 I’ve been having trouble sleeping with the happy pills and the hole in my head so I was awake at about half five, mind you, some of that was excitement. I was soo looking forward to riding in from Stannington with my friends. So much so that I had a bowl of evil porridge and a yogurt for breakfast, which is unheard of as I’m not a breakfast eater.

 Then I thought Id better check the bike over and the shed lock was frozen. This did not bode well. I also managed to completely dress without putting my chest strap on, which when you are layered up to the hilt, is a bugger. Well done me. 

A freezing foggy ride to Stannington, passing the odd police car and smashed corsa and I arrived bang on time. As did the Magic James (astonishingly) and my bud And. Our newest pedaller got lost though. So we stood around for a bit and waited for K. So, running a bit late we set off on the usual route, too much ice. A few spills later and an alternative plan was hatched. We turned back for Stannington, where And and K were to take K’s car in while Magic James (or MJ when I’m too lazy to type) and I hammered it along the main roads to Pont. Time was getting tight and we made it with 3 minutes to spare. I was knackered, making the ride to Capheaton a gaggle of hard bloody work. Too much for me, it was miserable. But, like all things, I got through it.

 At the café we sat around the table, me, MJ, K, Suzanne and And, the coffee was wet, the sugar lumps flowed freely and the banter was top notch. Bonus was that And paid 😉 Now rested, and suitably caffeined the ride back was much easier and I got to have a nice long chat with Suzanne who is a fabulous lass and is definitely getting faster. I love the new friends I’ve made over the last four months.I had a throbbing head from the exertion and I am pretty sure I overdid it. It will, apparently take about a month to recover from the head bashing. So I headed to Gosforth for a cup of coffee and a lift home.



4h20        time

12.1          average           

52.6         distance

 3rd         Club ride this year

13th        Club ride

All in it was a strange day with thick fog and sheets of ice in unexpected places. It was also an emotional day of all sorts of ups and downs and sidewayses. I did enjoy riding though. Here’s to next week.




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2 Comments on “Ride Number 3”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    I can’t bear porridge. I found a new trick though. Put oats in yogurt, mix together then eat after a couple of minutes. You get the nice oaty taste and oaty goodness without the horrid gloopy texture. Yeo valley fat free vanilla works a treat. Obviously, full fat is nicer, but it’s full of fat. Still probably ok on a bike ridey day.
    Glad to see you’re back on t’bike. A month is ages to get over it, must have been a lot worse that you have been suggesting. Don’t overdo it! Ha ha! See, tables turned now.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Oats are not the problem. The milk is. Just the thought makes my stomach heave. 😦 truth be told, because I have a high pain threshold (really, Ill tell you about it sometime) I just didn’t know how much I was knocked off by the heidhole.

      See, I know my limits but when you are in a rush, or are at the back of the group, or even in the middle of nowhere and have to get home somehow, then the urge to push too hard is strong. 😦

      Anyway, get u! the 90 miler. 😀

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