I Tort I Saw a Puddytat But It Was Just a Hill

I am overly euphoric and I want to share the happy.

Today I went for a ride with my Noob bud Sarah. We took the fatbird fourteen that I told you about the other day. Mainly because I have a busy week ahead and wanted to smash the 3 times up Bothal bank goal. Super brownie pointy gold medally thing for Sarah who beasted that bank first time up on a mountain bike.  You go girl.

Well, I got up it too, in fact, after making a joke about Sarah going back down it and doing it again, I remembered something Alan Holmes had said to me. He asked me about this goal and said he’d thought I’d meant climb it 3 times in one ride because that would be bloody hard and impressive.

Well, Alan, not only did I achieve my goal but I did just that! up-down-up-down-up! I hope I’ve made you proud.

I’m expecting gratuitous applause and a mexican wave here mind. First time in my life I’ve felt climby.

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18 Comments on “I Tort I Saw a Puddytat But It Was Just a Hill”

  1. Andy Says:

    That’s brilliant! I’m so impressed & proud of you. I know how much of a problem that particular bit of up was to you and to go kill it like that is amazing. There will be no stopping you now 😀

  2. notthewowy Says:

    shucks. fanks. 🙂 but will I ever beat you up a hill?

  3. Alan Says:

    Well done, Just need to get you mind around it, and catch your breath, and ignore the pain in your legs, and keep the pedals turning and you have done it!!!

  4. Mark K Says:

    Well done lass. I go up that hill all the time its a bugger aint it. Try it in the dark its well fun then.

    If you ever want to try your hand at something bigger give me a shout i love climbing hills. If you can get up bothal 3 times in a row you can pretty much get up any hill round here.

    I’m particularly fond of the 15% + ones around rothbury 🙂

    Again well done, now dont go dropping me on Sat

  5. andy phillips Says:

    Hills . Well done.You obviously live ina hilly area. Too flat round here . Will have to move again to find some hills again.

    • notthewowy Says:

      cheers Mr Phillips. I live in Northumberland, some of it’s hilly and some of it’s not. I make no secret of my inability to climb but not for long hopefully 😀

  6. redbikes Says:

    I’ve no idea of the bank in quesiton but hill rep’s always have and probably always will seem cruel.

  7. Carlos Sastre Says:

    Alpe D’Huez will be next! 🙂

  8. Well done!!!! 3 times?? You’re an animal!!!!

  9. Is there a psychiatrist handy? 3 times? Loony! Well done you! 🙂

  10. Phill Says:

    Brilliant! I so hate climbing. So much so that I’d rather do a 10k run than Over The Edge, a big climbyridey some friends are doing this year. I live alongside a canal, which is cool, lovely and flat 🙂

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