The Unintentional 70 miles…

Hey. I’m pretty happy if a little tired. I’ve somehow managed to rack up just under 73 miles today. All the best things happen when you don’t plan them huh?

You will have the ride report tomorrow but until then you can peruse some stats: 

72.672   distance

12.0         avg speed

32.7        max speed

6.03.24 ride time

And a big thanks to a Mr Kirby who very sweetly towed me most of the way home. You are a sweet sweet man. 😀

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2 Comments on “The Unintentional 70 miles…”

  1. redbikes Says:

    Congratulations. Thats well over 100km (which sounds a lot further).

  2. notthewowy Says:

    Cheers. Is my 3rd 100k i think, far as I can figure 100k=63 miles. 🙂

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