What Number’s This?

Whoops….. I got carried away this morning trying to find some earthly way of obtaining a road bike of my very own and I’ve had the post window open for hours. Any way, just to get it out of my system I’ll say it now, loudly WANNA WANNA REAL ROAD BIKE WAAHHHHHH. Ahh, that feels better.

Right, the ride. Yes. Ok, soo…. ( and you thought the concussion postings were fractured and unfollowable…) I woke up stupid early, really stupid early and breakfasted on a tuna pasta sandwich which was surprisingly tasty and a couple of cups of coffee. I had a quick chat with a couple of the Vags online with my coffee and noticed an odd absence of the Magic James. I’ll let him tell you where he’d gotten to.. Anyway, me and the junior cyclist pedalled off in the almost daylight, what a novel experience, do you think spring may appear sometime soon?

Child dropped off and away I went to Stakeford to meet a lovely young man by the name of Mark, pleasantly poached from my husband’s club. I was excited about meeting him for the first time but its always a bit nerve racking riding with someone you’ve never met. Mark took me to Stannington through Bedlington, a more hilly route than I would take, which is good, I want the practice. We were soo early meeting K at Stannington. Even with a small detour through Berwick Hill we turned up at the still shut café half an hour early. I was bloody freezing, wouldn’t you believe it, the ride set off late… It was a lovely ride though with a nice unusual route. Alan Holmes was leading and he rather likes the UP but I can live with that now at least.

Anyway, straggling along at the back with Mark, newbie Sue (getting faster every week, she’s gonna be lightening on her new bike :D), and the 2 glorious old Ray’s (the two funniest, sweetest, seasoned cyclist you’ll ever meet) I hear a giant POP, that would be Marks back tyre.. we sent the rest of the group off ahead. After all, there were 5 of us and it doesn’t take that long to change a tyre does it? Not, when the Rays took over anyway.. funniest thing.  Off we go again, 200 yards and POP. Same tyre. What fun. Oh well, at least the sun was out. So finally sorted we arrive at the café stop at Matfen, just as everyones finishing. I barely got to talk to anyone L that was the only sad point and we had a lovely ride back to Ponteland, though when we got there we realised that the lads who escorted Sue in on her maiden ride to Ponteland from home had already left. Mark and I had the positive pleasure of riding to Gosforth with Sue. It was lovely, nice chat and a 50 mile day for newbie Sue. You go girl. Around we turned and pedalled home, Mark towing me pretty much most of the way. So, thank you Mark, for the tips on cornering and the lesson in drafting. 😉

All things considered it was a long and odd day, the weather ran the gamut of seasons involving hail, rain, ice, clouds and sun. I missed chatting to my friends, Andy especially, I missed the fun and gassing and gentle joking of pack riding due to the mechanical issues Mark had (not his fault like, happens to all of us.). But I gained an awful lot too. I feel much more at peace emotionally than I did. The people who made a point of talking to me, Cath especially, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks. You helped me.  I also gained a new cycling buddy and an unintentional 70 miler thanks to And and MJ.

The biggest conclusion I came to was that I desperately want an out and out road bike. I love my tourer but it’s a lot of hard work to move. It’s a shame moneys so tight but if anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received.

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7 Comments on “What Number’s This?”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    Sounds like nice rides and people.

    My only suggestions for a road bike are a. theft b. prostitution c. interest free finance or d. buy Joby’s specialised off him. Ebay doesn’t seem to be an option as the bikes never seem to be a “bargain”

  2. andy phillips Says:

    its a bloody expensive hobby. i got a frame of e bay and some friends helped me build my bike. Sounds like your club is full of nice people. Cheers

  3. notthewowy Says:

    aye. I think I know what I want. It’s just a question of money.

  4. Alan Says:

    Hilly? Wait till the better weather arrives and then we can find some hilly routes. Need to keep practising on ‘the bank’

  5. danny winthorpe Says:

    Iam hoping to be out this Saturday,
    see the new slimmer Carrie then.

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