Ices And Up

I’m going out to play. Am off on another epic UP quest, sadly it looks quite icy out so I may not be gone long. I am excited though. Come back later and I’ll tell you how it went ok?


Oh yeah, the maiden roadie voyage… It was a whole other experience. His bike seems so tiny compared to mine. The gear shifters are pretty cool but took some getting used to, as did the lack of small ring. I’d set the seat too low too and his reach is too small for me. I climbed Bothal on it though. Whoop. 🙂 It was a really nice little ride though my husband is somewhat frustrating as he never seems to have to blummin work at it, he was up Bothal and away ahead of me on his tourer despite refusing to ride for half the year! I do love going out with him though and now I know what a road bike can feel like.

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