1 Day Ahead & A There But For The Grace Of God

well, first I do want to thank Keith Briggs for that wonderful picture of me ice riding round a corner. It’s absolutely gorgeous. What you didn’t see was new guy Dan panicking when I informed him that the clean patch of road he was riding down the big hill on was mostly ice… Or the four or five sensible riders pedestrianising said hill.. Which leads me to say that today was very much a fun day for me. I appear to have found my middle name, it’s Nofear.

As a former commuter adverse weather is something I just live with. Riding the distances I do now, especially after the hole head incident and the learning from real cyclists I am actually far more cautious than I once was, even on my big heavy slightly thicker tyred tourer I balked at riding this morning. No way was I getting out of my hometown on 2 wheels, the ice under the snow was far too slidey. Luckily or thankfully after much internet whinging and slightly frantic texting And said he’d come get me. Yay. So, I swapped the pedals from the road bike to the tourer (I didn’t even know I knew how to do that!) and we drove off.

At Pont the turnout wasnt huge but did contains some of my favourite people and off we trundled, there were a few rubber up shiny down incidents, some worse than others and some hairy shiny moments of slidyness from most of us. I personally was not in the best of moods for some good reasons and was quieter and more touchy and pretty up-then-down too. But make it to the cafe stop we did, though quite slowly. I’ll tell you something, that Keith Briggs can climb on ice, there is a guy with good eyes and no fear!

The group at the cafe was small by comparison and I just found being chatty a struggle but you know, no one is on form all the time. So, coming back to Pont was for some reason quite speedy and also rather fun. There was more of the letting loose and the lighthearted peeing contests that make me laugh with joy. But coming close to Pont I made a point of making sure I got to talk to newgirl Sue ( who will now be referred to as SHoldaz, just cos I like it and her… and everyone I like gets their own name..). I like this lass, she’s a mean machine with a wicked fun mind and a gorgeous smile who will be kicking butt in the very soon future, probably mine…

So, that was my day. tiny mileage, at least 40 short of a normal Saturday, I don’t feel fully exercised but there are other battles to be fought and here’s one;

You see on the right of this column there’s a sidebar with something like “linky clicky”? under that is this link to something called the Laura Dodds Fund. This is something important to me that has also personally touched those close to me. If you like what I do please show it and click it, donate. I don’t care what, even a quid makes a difference.

I’ll even put the link here to make it easy. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=lauradoddsfund

If you don’t like what I do well, I can live with that, so donate for the sheer altruism of it all 😀

and Andy says…

Woke up with last night’s snow frozen to the ground – bugger. I’d been looking forward to this ride all week. So next followed some quickish plan forming and a car trip to Ashington. I knew I’d made the right choice in getting out my nice warm bed when I saw the morning sunshine on the snow dusted landscape on the way up – very picturesque. We drove some of the back roads we’d normally use to get to Ponteland and it would have been impossible to ride without at least one visit to the ground. The ride roads were ok by comparison if a little micey in places. Rest of the ride as described by Carrie except to say that it was surprisingly warm today thanks to the sun and unsurprisingly slippy thanks to the ice. Nice to talk to some new faces too.
…oh, and apologies to everyone who had to listen to my brakes today 🙂

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13 Comments on “1 Day Ahead & A There But For The Grace Of God”

  1. Mark K Says:

    at least your bike stayed in one piece. Its quite disconcerting accelerating over a roundabout and your bike goes one way and your bars the other. All sorted now fingers crossed. Glad you got back in one piece, small miles better than no miles.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    it was, and fun. you were missed though.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    It was a fun day out, particularly funny was waiting for the pedestrians coming down the icy hill, and us all hanging about in the road, Keith smoking and someone else on the phone….oh and thanks for looping back to collect me when I was trailing, that must’ve earned you some stealth miles 😉

  4. lost Says:

    Now that sounds like it was an ace ride, even with the snow and ice. I’ve had a few slip-slidy moments myself in the past. In fact sliding sideways round corners is always laugh-a-minute….until cars do the the same thing of course; especially into you, but hey ho, there’s the story of my pelvis break last year!

    Was this a club ride or a general get together?

    • notthewowy Says:

      It was the club social ride. It only ended up being 24 miles long but yes, it wasn’t half fun. I love riding and think riding in adverse weather is a skill that every rider should have. You never know when it comes in handy. It really was fun. Thanks.

      • lost Says:

        I love snow riding (even after the RTA).

        Still, some good mileage there for a social club ride given the weather. Most riders I know ignore their bikes when the weather gets angry 😉

        • notthewowy Says:

          Here some do and some dont, a fair few have mountain bikes. I was glad for my big heavy tourer but it was a gorgeous if slightly bizarre day. Thanks for the comment hen.

  5. danny winthorpe Says:

    I thought you seemed different yesterday,
    thanks for the hug!
    Dodgy conditions made everyone a bit subdued,
    Alan really went for it on the way back.
    Hard day today,I was right on my limit on the hills
    see you soon ,

    • notthewowy Says:

      Well, if it helps, I haven’t made it out of bed yet 🙂 While there’s nothing worse than a ride like the one you’ve just had it serves as a marker for next time eh? Just keep it up Danny, You are an inspiration to me.

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