Meeblings of a Feeble Mind

I’m going to start by telling you that tomorrows ride was in jeopardy. I woke up yesterday morning with what seemed to be a disproportionate hangover. My mate And and I went for a few drinks so that I could have a good rant about stuff, clear my head. It worked but I didn’t do my usual fish drinky trick and was on the eleven o clock bus home. No, turns out the Junior cyclist had kindly donated his nasty stomach bug to me. Cue a day of constantly attempting to keep a sip of water in my body and the oh so fun “which end do I point at the basin?” game. Oh my god, the pain! But I woke up this morning and so far have kept a cup of coffee and a bowl of soup all to myself, rather uncomfortably but you take a triumph where you can and providing I can get enough food in me to see me through I’ll be riding tomorrow. Whoooooo Hooo.

I have mixed emotions about tomorrow. I want to take the road bike since I’ve barely had the chance to ride it but the weather is not really good enough and I have no mudguards but James had a point about the tourer, It’s a good bike but it is heavy and hard work. Still, And takes his out so I might, just to cheer myself up. I love to ride. Love it love it love it. Tomorrow though will see a ride without some of my favourite people. No And, he’s away somewhere, No SHoldaz, she has visitors and no MR Kirby by the looks of it as he says he’s not feeling up to it. I hope he changes his mind. On the up side I don’t think I’ve ever ridden into Pont alone so that might be nice and the household cyclist has threatened to ride to Pont after work to escort me home. I so hope he does, I love riding with him and we definitely don’t do enough of that. 

Right, I want to comment on the little blog swop fun we had. I posted what MJ (the Magic James) wrote exactly as he wrote it and watching someone elses opinions of you is a bit strange to say the least. He called me a square peg and I guess he’s right but you see, with the Vags I feel like I fit. I feel happy and comfortable and accepted, which is nice. James, I have to say, stop bloody referring to me as a stalker! I don’t know, I show you support and this is how you repay me! Might I remind you of this:  and of course how you forced me to swap jerseys with you at Annas? Or how you hang onto said jersey? Who’s stalking who here?? (revenge is sweet 😉  ) But in all seriousness, as mean as we are to each other it’s good to have a strong support network. Those people who believe in you when you cant or wont believe in yourself, I count you as one of them.

Which brings me to my next point. It’s odd that James wrote “No one knows what’s under there. No one knows the full potential. ” That’s something I’ve been thinking of a lot recently. Just what am I capable of? How far can I go? I think I don’t really know my own capabilities but maybe it’s time I start finding out instead of just messing around. Thing is, I like messing around. It’s always been more important to me to have fun than to do serious but I am acutely aware of how much I’m changing  so we shall see. And then MJ says “So you ask me now, who’s inspirational?” Well in my usual self deprecating fashion I’d make an aw shucks face and change the subject but today? Well. Firstly, thanks for the kind words Im going to take them in the spirit in which they were meant and send them right back at you MJ. Now, part of me realises that I do stuff that others wouldn’t, after a nasty bout of stomach bug what I’m doing, finding ways to get enough food in me so I can ride 60-odd miles in the rain tomorrow, is plainly unusual. I can see that. I don’t really accept that I’m that inspirational. I’m not doing anything that anyone else isnt capable of but then Im doing this for selfish reasons. I like the time to myself, it stops me going nuts and I don’t want to die an early death with missing limbs and blindness from diabetes and be winched out through a window when I die. If you have a body and a mind then you make your choices and pay the price I guess. What I am pretty sure of is that most people can do this. Honestly, if I can you can. You just have to get your head in first.

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8 Comments on “Meeblings of a Feeble Mind”

  1. Joby Says:

    600 DD miles? So – thats whats under there!

  2. alan holmes Says:

    Enjoy, take care not to over do it after your little bout of sickness. Can leave you a bit weakened. Committed all weekend so no bike for me

    • notthewowy Says:

      I’ll miss you Alan,I said I’d be out if I could get enough food in me, so far not doing so great, a tin of soup and a nasty yoghurt. May have to resort to that awful supplement powder thats lurking in the cupboard.

  3. redbikes Says:

    60 odd miles in the rain while feeling ill. Thats certainly better than my walk to the biscuit cupboard and back.

    Best of luck with your full potential.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Agh, I was just meebling, what will probably happen is I’ll give up and start messing around again. Its just too tempting to have fun. lol. You have biscuits??????? SHARE 😛

  4. Mark K Says:

    i guess im going to have to go out. People were commenting on how much i ate today and were asking if i was going for a ride tomorrow. I said yes to avoid the fat knacker comments. Guess its me and you in the wind and sleet. Sleet i can take but high winds scare me i may not make it back with a sane mind.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Hinny, they make fat knacker comments? you aren’t exactly Jabba sized you know. Fat can be lost, meanness stays. I would love to see you but you sound like you haven’t been well. If you don’t feel up to it don’t ride, you will only exacerbate things, which is counterproductive (I know, I do some daft things but I am daft and stupid, you aren’t)

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