Carbs, Cake, Riding, Rambling, Owiness. Thanks.

I have so much to say that I don’t know where to start, or whether to say it all now or wait for fear of writing a large and unfollowable hodge podge of forever segue-ing thoughts. I think I’ll err on the side of sensible and start with the weekly photo then a description of Saturday and maybe follow that with my own special collection of brain meanderings. Feel free to ignore them if you wish. Now that’s sorted… 

This week’s ride was unusual. That doesn’t make it bad but it did differ for me from my usual view of a Saturday. I’ve put the road bike pedals on the tourer to give me time to get used to them. They are different from what I’m used to. On the way to meet Mr Kirby for the ride in I realised my computer wasn’t recording. That’s annoying, even slightly. It was pretty wet round our way though those closer to Pont had seen snow!

I had said that I would only be riding if I somehow managed to eat enough to replace what I lost Thursday, keep me through Friday and build me up for Saturday but that didn’t happen. It was almost impossible to begin with. Sod it was my thought as I stuffed the most substantial breakfast in I could and chucked 4 teaspoons of sugar in my water bottle. I was surprised though that my legs were turning fairly easily compared to my expectations, we were taking it gently though.

We stopped at Stannington to fix my computer and adjust my cleats. Keith joined us here. What was funny was that riding up into Stannington Mark and I were poking fun at a rider coming towards us on a black bike dressed entirely in black with a flashing light. Sorry Keith. He’s a man that will ride whatever comes his way, 2 weeks after breaking his ribs he was out riding. Honestly, you don’t know whether to worship him or smack his bum and send him home to bed. On the way in we spotted a petite blonde streak pedalling ahead. Very kindly she stopped to wait for us but afraid we’d make her late for the faster ride I sent her on. I wish I hadn’t now as she was there at the café when we arrived which just made me feel meanL.

Meeting at Pont, already cold and wet it was supremely surprising to see a light on in Anna’s café. That was such a nice and very much needed surprise.  It made a big difference to be sitting in that warm small room feeling part of a community.  The absence of a few people who have quickly become a favourite part of my weekend was noticeable here. No And, No SHoldaz. I have to admit that made it weird but I’m not sure what bearing it had on the rest of my day. I’ll let you decide. We set off to the stables at Bolam. I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it till it’s no longer true. It’s frustrating being at the back it is, especially in the pouring freezing rain and snow. Snow! Gah.  It wasn’t a long ride to the Stables and I remember someone pointing out the start line for something called the hilly 21. Anyway, we got to the coffee stop rather early, at about 11:10 and someone said “it’s early, let’s do a loop round here” uh huh… 5 of us set off. I have to tell you there was quite some UP where-ever it was we were (anyone know? I’m bad at directions) and I really put my heart and soul into it. I worked and it hurt and I got there. I’m not sure that was wise given the aftermath of the stomach bug but if you’re going to do something then now is the right time. That added an extra 10 mile onto my day and I both hated it and loved it, despite the fact that I was soaked and my feet were so cold that they actually hurt.

After coffee and some soup (and Eileen’s introduction to cake… rant about this coming later…) I was very aware that I had put more effort in than I usually would and was worried that due to the lack of nutrition I was mostly fuelled by sugar, which would end with a bang soon Mark and I opted to leave the group for home somewhere on the Belsay road. I’ve never done that before and felt like a bit of a cheat but it was the right decision as we were very cold and very wet and I’m not sure I would have made it home from Ponteland. My stomach was cramping already and the ride home was slow. Mr Kirby bless him kept checking I was alright, did I want a cereal bar? Was the speed ok? Was I still there? I did chastise him for it, I’m a big girl you see but truth be told it’s lovely to have someone looking out for me. He even gave me a round of applause at the top of the Whorral bank out of Morpeth and escorted me to my door. I’m not great at allowing others to worry about me so I’m trying hard to tell people I both noticed and appreciated it. Cup of coffee, Mark off home, bath, 2 glasses of red and a takeaway then in bed by nine.


(not included are the ten miles from my house to Stannington which went unrecorded due to computer issues)

47.815                   distance (+ 10)

4.09.57                  time

29.8                        max speed

11.5                        Average Speed

The Ramblings

First one: One of the newer members a lovely lady with an excellent story, at about 5 foot nothing lost six stone and is now a size 8 told me she isn’t fit, fast enough or skinny enough. It’s funny how being a fatty isn’t actually a fat thing but a head thing huh? This lass is up the hills before me but doesn’t think she’s fit, she’s spending her time running marathons and riding some 30 miles in the snow but she’s fat and lazy? She’s a teeny tiny size 8 and she’s telling me she’s fat.. None of that is true. The battle to live happily and well really isn’t a physical one, it’s a mental one. That’s where wars are won. Take any ammo you can and use it. To anyone else feeling this way I’d like to relate this story:

I never allowed mirrors around me, hated looking at myself in them. Hated seeing the truth. Our one full length mirror was shut in my husband’s wardrobe. I brought it downstairs and leaned it against the wall to do something one day recently and it never went back upstairs. Slowly, over the weeks I’d catch glimpses of myself out of the corner of my eye and it started dawning on me more and more… All of the comments people had made were true. I’m looking good, tighter, leaner, much better legs, much happier. That mirror taught me to look at myself and to appreciate what I see. Try it please.

Second one: Closely related to the first one. Battles are won in the head. This lovely lady cut out carbs as some people are wont to do. Now, this may get you skinnier, not because of any pseudo science but because by cutting an entire food group from your life you are restricting your calories. The downside? Your body is a smart machine that needs fuel. Cutting an entire food from your life is no way to make a lifelong change, it makes it dull, and complicated and a chore. More importantly it makes your body not work. What do you want? Do you want to be skinny and too tired to enjoy it, constantly slaving yourself to those scales and “rules” or do you want a happy life, filled with energy and biggrin moments where all you need to think about is making the sensible choice 9 times out of ten? The coffee stop filled me with glee watching this lovely lass devour a nice bit of cake after so much abstinence. There’s the joy in your life, there’s always room for cake in a sensible lifestyle. Lady, we are finally free!!!!!!!

Third One: I was talking about not messing around in my last post and with this in mind, and the absence of a few of my gassing buddies I found myself actually not sitting back as much as I usually would. Probably this wasn’t such a good idea after being ill but then I’m not known for my good ideasJ. I did throw myself at a few hills more than I usually would and I did hurt. It felt good to be told I was getting stronger but honestly, I think I’m often stronger than I show and maybe that’s a failing maybe I’m too conscious of not getting home or maybe I’m just a pussy. Which brings me to some sort of point. I would rather suffer alone. I’m not good at showing my pain. Where do I go with that? Is that wise?

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6 Comments on “Carbs, Cake, Riding, Rambling, Owiness. Thanks.”

  1. Mark K Says:

    Everybody out on a bike suffers at times. The way i look at it is this, if i dont show how im feeling then people dont now im struggling and wont help. Most people are happy to share food or fill your bidon up or even give you a push up a hill. Its what brings cyclists together the common suffering. Dont be scared to show your hurting if you are say and im sure the group leader will drop the pace. The aim is to get everyone around the course not have people throwing up cause they pushed to hard.

    i was the same after chasing Mr single speed up that hill and then grabbing Elaine’s wheel. She had me on the ropes big time just as well we pulled in i wouldn’t have made it up to cambo and scots gap.

    Your doing fine, don’t be scared to show how your feeling we are all there to help.

    I totally embarrassed myself in front of the sunday vags today so its not just you that worries about looking a ninny at times.

  2. alan holmes Says:

    Looking at Saturday’s weather I was pleased I had a genuine excuse for not going out. A lot of riders head off home after the cafe stop. Nothing wrong with that and on Sat it made a lot of sense.

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