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Feeling the Lurve

March 31, 2010

I love commuting. I’ve just posted a video on Facebook (ok, so I forgot my youtube password, when I get it you can see it, or i think its here) of the river Wansbeck at Morpeth as I passed it this afternoon. It was actually far calmer than when I passed it this morning. You know, it was a sight both beautiful and scary. Driving a car at 30 mph there’s so much I would miss. Scenery, little things like the sun (ok, not right now) on your face and dogwalkers and kids and other cyclists and lambs , the warming of the legs and the beating of the heart and the endearing repetition of the ride to work. I love it. Which is just as well as I don’t really have a choice anyway.

I also get a lot out of the thinking time of the commute. let me tell you how my days look right now, I leave the house just before eight to take the boy to breakfast club. Ride to Morpeth (8 miles) Stay there till five, ride to Ashington, sling curry in a takeaway till nine ish, ride home. Sleep. The thing is, people say to me “I would but I dont have the time, I have kids/dogs/pet rocks to look after” It’s true, those things make it hard I know, I spend every week scratting around for a sitter so that I can ride with my club on a Saturday.

I think maybe there are two kinds of people, those that put obstacles in their own way and those that think the obstacles are part of the journey. Well, nice and preachy today huh?

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March 30, 2010

Quack. Splash. That was fun. There’s a river where the cycle path used to be and getting out of Morpeth was interesting. Well that’s one shift over with. Now the curry slinging. The ride home in my work clothes. No way am I putting my wet gear back on. Lunch to make and a very dirty bike to clean before I can go to bed, get up and do it all over again. 😀 you know, I think I’m missing some marbles here. How was your day?

An Addendum of Sorts

March 29, 2010

Third of May 2004, three days after the wedding, I removed my wedding ring. Actually I prised it off my throbbing finger, three months pregnant and already fat. It hasn’t fit me since and has lived in a box in the sitting room, next to my engagement ring for the same reason.

Getting ready to go out on Saturday I was rifling through the jewellery box and decided to put my engagement ring on. It fit!! Next came the wedding ring. Still a little on the squeezy side, oh well. Back in the box it went.

Not for long:


Along with the suddenly smaller feet, mind it feels a bit strange on my usually naked hands but it fits! for the first time in 6 years. Some results you don’t see coming huh?

The Two

March 29, 2010

I wouldn’t say that today was the hardest commute of my life. Turns out the trip is eight miles each way. Sounds like a walk in the park huh? look outside… ffffreeezing, cold and headwindy yay. I guess all those uncycly people I talk too are right, I am crazy.

I’ve been thinking about stuff, I woke up sunday craving nut roast. For ten years prior to incubating the Junior Cyclist I was a die hard out and out vegetarian. I often say that I started craving really rare steak and it’s true I did but I’m wondering now if I just gave up and stayed given up because it was easier to fit in with the Household Cyclists needs. I’m considering a return I was happy like that. It’s a tough one eh?

Ssunday Llunch.

March 28, 2010

I woke up ridiculously late this morning and then stayed in bed for a little while more contemplating this unusual urge for Sunday lunch with twelve different veg and mmmm some nut roast. I can’t usually be bothered to make the mess required to have that happen but today I am sooo hungry. oof, I digress… lunch is cooking and you want to hear about yesterday, is that right?

Sunshine and blue skys abundant myself and the Junior Cyclist were up, ready and wheeling off to Grandmas a bit earlier than we realised. I had the unusual situation of pedaling to Stannington on my own. In honour of the extra time and the glorious sunshine I turned left at the Stakeford roundabout to go through Bedlington and Nedderton. This is a shorter route than I usually take but contains far more UP. Oh My God, who put that wind there? Crikey. Despite that I really enjoyed myself, I felt fairly good in the legs and loved the blue sky. Everything just seems brighter, better and happier. I arrived at Stannington half an hour early. Took that opportunity to change the lens in my glasses to something darker (first time ever!), take some photos and write to you all. Here they come, And, Suzy Gonzales and Keith.

We set off through towards Saltwick, that road is pothole hell but it’s the first time I’ve seen it without ice. I was off up the hill with more speed than I could usually manage but looking behind I couldn’s see Sue or Keith. I turned back to find that there had been a small mechanical problem and yay, I got to climb that up again. Mr Kirby pulled up behind us and off we went. Reaching the turn to Saltwick Mr Kirby went off on his own to put some extra miles in because he just loves to hurt himself. And Keith and I had a lovely chat all the way into Pont.

The turnout at Anna’s was good, sunshine brings everybody out. The slow group was split into a few smaller groups and I opted to ride with Lovely Brian. This man has saved my soul more than once, nursing me up hills and keeping me rolling. He has my loyalty for that. His wife’s pretty fantastic too. Anyway, it has to be said that I bore easily and I wasn’t looking forward to the same old route to the same old cafe stop which is good because we didn’t get it. What we got was a lovely outing along some nice roads with a lot of nice scenery and a nasty blooming headwind. I hate headwinds, for me its like a neverending hill with no relief. I pushed forward to have a chat to Brian and only then realised I was at the front pushing into that headwind. I couldn’t keep that up for long and the nice man behind me moved up to the front with the lovely Mr Holmes.

I went down the Ryals yesterday, never been that way before! What was funny was that first Lovely Brian and then SpeedDemon Alan warned me to be careful going down, apparently I should use something called Brakes? Amazing how well they know me huh? Anyway, bearing that in mind halfway down the second drop I sat up, oh how I wish now that I hadn’t, 43 mph I’d hit. What if I hadn’t sat up?

We turned right up the longest slowest never ending slog of a ride. Or that’s what I’d usually be thinking. It was a slog, no denying it, it was also very hard sweaty breathless work but I really enjoyed it. Almost at the top, where nearly everyone had dissapeared into the distance I stopped to wait for Sue who was still having mechanical issues and we had a lovely gentle ride to the cafe shed. The place was heaving. Bikes everywhere, people everywhere, noise and chat and hilariously panicked staff, bless them. Everyone was just so full of the joy of spring, banter and laughter and shiny bike admiring everywhere you turned. It’s enough to make anyones heart sing huh?

There followed the usual loose group of whoever sets off whenever rag tag ramble back to Pont. I stayed with SuzyGonzales most of the way home, we had a nice chat and the route was lovely, I do like a change. Of course the gassing slowed us down and then Lovely Brian appeared to speed us up, then SpeedDemon Alan and then Danny the champion of the hills. Danny naptured Sue and then Alan and Brian did something fun, if a little painful, the naughty boys picked up the speed and dragged me behind them and kept picking up.. I looked down at my clock 29 mph. Ouch. That was fun guys, if a little scary.Thanks. And there we were, almost at Anna’s for a nice cuppa.

 Where on earth had Kirby gotten to? Oh well. The four of us set off for home, And, SuzyG, SpeedDemon Alan and I. The pace was a little bit faster than it would usually be but I was holding it. Astonishing. I really enjoyed chatting with Alan. We left Sue and And at Stannington and carried on through Stannington Station. At the Morpeth junction I turned left towards Hepscott alone. The temptation was there to sit up and take it easy but I fought it and won. I wanted to see just what I could do and I was close enough to home to go for it. I hammered it through Hepscott, onto the Guidepost road. A car passed me with an open window and some random man leaned out and shouted “go on lass”. I have never biggrinned so much. I was hammering along at something like 27 mph. I felt good. I shoved myself home and arrived on my sofa pink and panting. My god, the things a bit of sunshine can do. As club rides go, I’d had a fantastic day.


Dist:           71.14 miles

Avg:           13.4

Max:          43.2

Time:         5.17.21

Oh, last nights dinner was great, I had earned those glasses of wine and the company was fabulous. I especially enjoyed the group blog post, nothing funnier than watching drunk people pass round an Iphone. 🙂


March 27, 2010

Carrie is drunk onwhite wine x
Annabel’s had an early night so she can beat Lucy tomorow!
Them nuts is for squirells!!
Speed demon needs. His sleep

This joint effort was brought to you by the tyneside vagabonds entertainment committee. Which sentance wa penned by theclubsecretary????? 🙂 see you in the morning.

Cracking Sunshiny Goodness.

March 27, 2010

I have had an absolutely spanking good day. My hangover and I will tell you about it in the morning ok? Tonight is the Vags spring night out and I think I’ve earned it. I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, here’s this weeks photo:

How do I look? I’m also really happy with my stats so I’m going to share that too, 71.14 miles at an average of 13.4 mph. 🙂 Oh yeah… Alan Holmes is a speed demon….