Is It Really?

This week, without including shopping, commuting and pootling I have pedaled 85.74 miles, that’s before Saturday so I am going to do something highly unusual and get a lift to Ponteland tomorrow.

Yesterday I shoved my way to Rothbury. Today I went to work to find out my Grandma had been admitted to the hospital in which I work so after putting in my shift I ran to get changed and went to sit in medical admissions with her. Luckily it was nothing overly dangerous and she was sent home at tea time. I organised a lift for her and went out to the bike sheds to discover the key for my lock had walked. Panic and much running around to acquire a hacksaw (thank god I use a cheap lock for work). I’m mentally, physically and emotionally shattered. Torn as I was between meeting Sue (and her new bike!!!!!) and And for the ride in or riding in myself I made the split second decision to gift myself a long lie in since the boy is sleeping over at my sisters tonight.

Still, count 30 miles ish for the club ride and the 18 miles home Im guessing I’ll hit 130 miles this week. See you all tomorrow ok?

Edited to add: I’m feeling cack, please can I have some sympathy or a virtual hug or two? 😦 Thanks.

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2 Comments on “Is It Really?”

  1. Annie Says:

    Big hugs for you my drinking mate. Love you loads. Go Girl xx

    • notthewowy Says:

      Cheers, It feels like such a long week just gone by. Oh well, at least it was mostly spent indulging my love, makes everything else bearable.

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