Stupid Things to Do On Tired Legs

Well, that was yesterday. There was a ride, the household cyclist has ordered himself a new bike and I would like to thank him for it. It was raining and I didn’t want to kill it so his bike was designated the winter bike. It’s good that we’re the same size. It was a late morning for me as I was getting a lift. I needed the lie in but my morning was unusually disorganised and beset by piddly little problems, not least of which was the discovery of a puncture two minutes before leaving the house. I was in such a stinking fettle I got to the cafe and gave that problem to someone else.

The ride set off at a quicker pace than usual and it was more than obvious to me that I’d had a busy week, I was really struggling to keep up on those hills. This girl Sue though:

Brought her new road bike along. Someone lit a match under her bum! She was flying. At one point, after a series of hills I had to throw the hammer to chase her down. Nearly killed me.  We arrived at Capheaton quite early where I was bought a lovely bit of coffee cake and wangled a half share in some rather nice fruit pie. Just as the other groups started to arrive we left. 😦 We rode back with Glorious old Ray, Sue (new nickname Suzy Gonzales..) and a guy called Alan, still at a fair clip but fun nonetheless. My bike was computerless but Sue had the ride at 36 miles averaging 12.9. That’s pretty fast for the slow group, now we just have to work on world domination.

We stayed at Annas chatting and joking for a while then set off for home. Me and Mark, plus my friend Sarahs partner, Dan.


Dan joined the Vags a year ago but this was his first ride with us (is a terrible photo I know, I need a better phone huh?). The ride home was pretty brisk but definately fun.We averaged about 14mph and then I was shattered. Bath, wine, eating the contents of the kitchen….

36 miles on the ride, 18 home plus the 85 I’ve already ridden, that makes 139 miles, not including commuting, shopping or pootling. I was pretty frustrated at myself for struggling to keep up but now it makes sense. My legs have put no small amount of work in and they need a rest. I honestly think I’ve had an amazing week and done some astonishing things with my legs. I feel rightly proud of myself. I’m going to make sure my legs are well rested for next Saturday, watch out Suzy Gonzales, you’re gonna pay for making me work so hard 😉


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7 Comments on “Stupid Things to Do On Tired Legs”

  1. And again, (see your previous blog comments):

    WELL DONE LASS!!!! 🙂

  2. lost Says:

    Excellent! You’re improving no end. Way better than you think you are.

    • notthewowy Says:

      I can see it sometimes. Thanks. I was pretty shocked at the speed at which I made it home and the fact that I was still able to push after all of that. Am having a well earned rest today.

  3. Matt Says:

    36 at 12.9 is very impressive! your doing grand 🙂

  4. Apehelvevom Says:

    i surely enjoy all your writing taste, very charming.
    don’t quit and also keep posting since it simply just truly worth to follow it.
    excited to view more and more of your content, regards!

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