Running Behind

Yesterday I went on the shortest but funniest bike ride ever. I rode this:

Sarah rode this:

Yes it’s upside down for the obvious reason but I’ll tell you about that in a little while. We just fancied a little ride out. Sarahs finally got herself a road bike but couldn’t bring it out yet so a couple of miles in we did this:

Yup, thats her on my winter bike. 🙂 I rode her mountain bike, I said it was to illustrate the difference for her but really I just wanted to play. I must have looked pretty silly in my tights and road shoes on a mountain bike with flat pedals. She was way ahead of me on the Focus but when we swapped back she discovered a puncture in her back tyre. The conversation went :

me: do you have an inner?

her: yes

me: Do you have tyre levers?

Her: What?

We  (I 😉 )got it changed eventually and set off for home. Even though I’d checked the tyre she somehow managed another puncture. arrgh. No more inners and I realised that I’d come out with a puncture kit minus glue. Giving up we pushed the bikes the last couple of miles home.

It was fun anyway and I learned a fair bit about mountain bikes. This led to a trip to the shop for a new pump for me, the one I have is not pocket friendly, more puncture repair gear and a brush with poverty as I somehow spent over a hundred quid.

Look at my sexy new pump though:

  You know, most women get excited about shoes and clothes so I’m told……..

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8 Comments on “Running Behind”

  1. Phill Says:

    That pump looks like a marital aid. But I do like the helmet 🙂
    I don’t carry inners but always have a puncture kit handy. Usually there are 5 of us on a towpath so bramble-related incidents are a constant possibility.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    The helmet is very special. It’s belonging to the household cyclist courtesy of Royal Mail. I included it for perspective… I like to be prepared for all eventualities Phill so thanks for pointing out the dual use of my new pump :p

  3. lost Says:

    I get excited over wee things too. I’ve a couple of co2 pumps I take with me AND a hand pump. Only take 1 inner as that’s all I can fit in my teeny tiny saddle bag, glueless repair kit which i also use for tyre boot if a hole sporadically appears in there. What else do I take? Um….

    I like yon helmet too. V nice. Mine is lampre team issue spesh. Love it though it cost me over a ton a couple of yrs back.

    • notthewowy Says:

      I like the look of those CO2 canisters but a pump will never run out and Im tight.

      The helmet really is royal mail issue, the household cyclist is a postie 🙂

      I tend to take a lot of stuff with me I always carry 2 inners, a puncture repair kit, a multi tool and tyre levers and a pump. I almost always have a set of LED’s too plus laytex gloves, bank card and mobile for emergencies. There’s a lot of rural riding round here and I ride alone a fair bit, I’d rather be weighed down and overprepared than stuck.

  4. lost Says:

    I have the multitool squashed into the bag too. Mobile, money and cash card get stuffed into jersey pocket with the hand pump. I got the co2s for events where you’re timed end to end and breaks are included in the timing – co2 limits time spent pumping up. But I too am uber skint right now. Hopefully not for much longer though 😉

    I do a lot of moorland roads here too and I’m always alone so I hear ya on the safety front. I have knog frogs front and back permanently as well as main lights. In fact, I look like a christmas tree at times from the back 🙂

    • notthewowy Says:

      yeah, I stuff all sorts of stuff in all sorts of places 🙂 yes, the job hunt has to start for me sometime soon. While I do miss the commute I am not looking forward to the lack of bike time…

      my little sister spent the winter riding behind me singing christmas carols and laughing at my safety strips…..

  5. danny winthorpe Says:

    What are you like!!
    I carry two innertubes in the winter ,one in the summer,
    And self adhesive patches,
    The gas cannisters are only about £7 and very light,and get the pressure to over 100psi which I cant do with my small pump

    • notthewowy Says:

      I now own self adhesive patches and I carry 2 inner tubes anyway. It wasn’t me that had the punctures but it was me that changed the inner. 🙂

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