What Would You Do?

A friend of mine, fellow club member and blogging guru has just written a blog post that’s mostly not about cycling http://22stonecyclist.com/2010/03/11/speaking-from-the-heart/ . It struck me as unusual as he rarely talks about his personal life on the blog. In his introduction he wrote; “Speaking from the heart is difficult at any time, not least when you know that what you are saying is available for public consumption.” Now I’ve started thinking about blogging. What do the readers not see? I wonder if I sometimes give away too much about me and my life or am I being unfair to myself and others by not splurging everything at you? There’s a fair bit I’ve been keeping close to my chest lately.

The scariest post I ever wrote was an admission of my own demons, about living with depression. I remember pressing publish with my heart thumping at speed and then watching it like a hawk. You guys really came through for me, and committing it to public was a major step forward. I do know I want to show my support for this man personally and publicly as a friend and as a fellow blogger and cyclist. It is a far harder thing to admit to struggling than to winning.

Humour me, go show a friend of mine, whether you think he deserves it or not, your support. If only because you like me or because one day you may need support rightly or wrongly too.


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9 Comments on “What Would You Do?”

  1. Joby Says:

    LOL. Whats up with us all at the moment? We all seem depressed or are pushing ourselves too hard.

  2. redbikes Says:

    Worryingly depression seems to be a somewhat regular theme amongst fellow cycle bloggers. You’re certainly not on your own.

    There is something about pootling along on a bike that helps clear the mind and sets the world to right.

  3. Loony’s us? Never! Wibble…My Old Man’s a dustman etc…Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Phill Says:

    Nice post. I’ve heard that all the offices at CTC have padded walls. And nice jackets that do up at the back.


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