Danny the Champion of the Hills

What happened yesterday? Are you waiting with baited breath?

This is Danny, he has a special place in my journey. My first club ride was Danny’s first ride as a Ride Leader. Danny started from the same place as me. Fat. Look at him now. He’s a hotty huh?

This is me yesterday, I know you’ve seen it already but do you notice any similarities?

Danny gave me this jersey. It’s the King of the Mountains jersey. I joked with him that I wasn’t sure if that was support or sarcasm and he told me that when he first cycled the coast to coast he couldnt do the hills. He got the jersey as motivation and now he’s one hell of a cyclist. So he gave it to me as a way of saying “keep going, I know you will get there” Each time I meet Danny I both like and respect him more. He’s the best advert the Tyneside Vagabonds could have.

The Ride?

My day started differently than it usually would, the Household Cyclist only gets one Saturday in six off and this was it. I made us both breakfast, we both took the Junior Cyclist to grans, we both cycled to Ponteland to meet the club. Here he is;

Plays with the girls

The sunshine brought a lot of new faces but there were also a lot of regular faces missing. It wasn’t the most organised of starts and the group was a bit too big for comfort. It was also fast and a new rider suffered a mechanical failure that turned out to be unrepairable, riding at the back four of us stopped to assist him, eventually followed by Danny who was leading. Danny stayed with him and we set off to chase down the group. That was hard work but Dannys present helped, I may not have been the fastest but I was climbing after a fashion.  It has to be said that that was the fastest slow group I’ve ever ridden in! We got to the junction at the Dyke Neuk and us newer ladies staged a mini rebellion, opting for the slightly less hilly right turn while the rest of the group carried straight on. This was a lovely portion of the day. four ladies and the household cyclist, still giving it some welly but in a much more manageable group and we didn’t even get lost! cup of coffee well earned:


Then there was the slightly less frenetic ride home where I lasted almost the whole way into Ponteland without being at the back. That made me feel good. Cuppa, chat and the ride home. Danny, I did that jersey proud, I was almost at the top of Berwick Hill before Andy caught me 😀 We parted company with Suzy Gonzales and And at Blagdon and had a lovely ride home  with the Household Cyclist honorably shielding me from the evil wind in places. On that note I’d like to thank him for coming out before May (he’s strictly a summer rider and yet stays fit somehow!) and also for cleaning my bike for me so I could have a bath and a catnap before attempting a painful 1 mile commute to work.

It was a strange ride where the lines seemed to blur between the fast, medium and slow group. I know I averaged 13.4 miles per hour over a 60 mile ride. I’m happy with that.

I spent today at the finish line of the Wansbeck CC Pursuit race and even got to take numbers at the end. Andy and Simon took some great photos. It was an experience to see it as a cyclist and not just a bored wife. Please come back tomorrow so I can tell you all about it, it was a great day out for us.

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11 Comments on “Danny the Champion of the Hills”

  1. danny winthorpe Says:

    Cheers Carrie
    Thanks for the compliments
    But I feel that you are the best advert for the Vagabonds Saturday rides
    And thanks for not mentioning that Doug was riding one of my bikes

  2. James Says:

    Danny is certainly looking good – I’ll definitely not be catching him this season (not unless he gets a flat tyre of course).

    I seem to say it all the time Carrie, but you’re doing really well and getting thinner all the time, you must be proud as we are of you!

    Well done, glad you had a nice club ride!!!

    • notthewowy Says:

      No, and if Danny turns sideways you’ll lose him I would say. I’m not getting thinner I’m afraid. I’m still stuck at 14st1. You have a holiday the end of this month don’t you?

  3. Phill Says:

    Sounds like a brilliant day out from a very happy rider! Nice to read 🙂

  4. Suzanne Says:

    It was a great day Carrie, did we have a tail wind or did we really average 13.4mph? 😀

    • Mark K Says:

      ah the fabled tail wind. I had a head/cross wind all day, nearly took my front wheel away a couple of times.

      • notthewowy Says:

        I didn’t see any tail wind, didn’t matter which direction we rode I swear the wind was against us. Yannow Sue, there’s a reason I call you Suzy Gonzales. Not having my bum kicked by you is my motivating factor right now. So nee ner nee ner nee ner.

  5. redbikes Says:

    Its horrible chasing a group. You know that if you can catch and follow their wheel then things will get much easier, yet your legs are crying out for you to ease up.

    • notthewowy Says:

      It certainly is, especially when you are giving it your all as the only novice behind 3 skinnier, faster and far more experienced riders. I was rightly proud of my riding though. 🙂 Thanks.

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