0 to 2 Clubs in Less Than 6 Months.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud to be a Vag. It’s through me like Blackpool through rock. They support me, they teach me and they’ve never made me feel stupid or slow. I have every Vagabond I have ever met for making me feel like a cyclist. My loyalty to them for that is deep and fierce.

Yesterday I received this email from the Admin of the Wansbeck CC Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=294685415367&ref=ts ):

Just want to thank Chas Kitson for developing the club website on behalf of all members. 

Hopefully, you will all now have had an opportunity to look at the website. If not click on the link below: 


 If you have anything interesting to add to the website, news, rides etc please let either myself or chas know. 

Also, welcome to Carrie Foster as our newest club member! 

Carrie is our first female member since 891BC! 

Welcome Carrie, we’ll look forward to seeing you out on the bike! 




As of yesterday I’m a second claim member of my husbands club. I feel so happy and proud. Not that long ago Wansbeck CC seemed to be dying a slow convoluted death. Thanks to the efforts of it’s few remaining members and not least the pure drive and stubbornness of Mr Bolton the club is growing and plans are being made. I want to support my local clubs in any way I can and hope you can do the same. Second claim membership is £20 which includes admission to the Annual Dinner.

Over the last few weeks more than a few people have said to me “I looked at Wansbeck but they had nothing for me” or “they didn’t have a website”  Well now they have their very own website and if they have nothing for you then be the change you want to see, join up. The more people that support them, the more they can offer.

Yesterdays race was pretty great, I could see a difference in the club. I’m busy sorting through the photos please come back later for the action packed report.

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