There may be a few. I pedalled my way to Stannington today for some health walk trainer learning courtesy of the nice sustrans people. Swinging into the car park my back starts to play the big bang theory theme tune. It was the agency I temp with. Conversation went like this “you know that job we put your CV forward for? They want you to start now” ummm erk. That’s quite possibly the fastest I have ever belted back home. So yeah. I may be around a bit less for a little while. See, the agency told me that it was a two week assignment but well theres four staff in different stages of pregnancy which the manager pointed out enthusiastically within the first hour. When am I gonna find time to pedal?

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff that I keep meaning to post but I’ve been so busy riding and wanting to tell you about it that I never got round to it. so, tomorrows post is going to answer the eternal question… that ok?

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4 Comments on “Tumbleweeds”

  1. Work, family, other hobbies all get in the way of pedalling and weight loss. Which is why I commute on my bike. If I didn’t commute I’d never pedal. I absolutely know that and I’d still be 22st 4Ibs and getting bigger.

    Good luck with the job mate.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    there was a fine result. They are letting me put my bike in the electric cupboard. 🙂 oh well, I guess I could plan for 2 or 3 rides after work. If I must work I’d rather work the next town over because I love a good commute. 🙂 Oh well, is only temporary and think of all the bike bits I can buy.

  3. Les Says:

    So ure local bike shop is very happy for u and ure temp job did they put a good word in for u mate lol

    Good luck wiv the job

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