Making The Cake Face


Luck slid in and I found a sitter for the boy. We dropped him off at nine and drove through to Ponteland. Minor saddle adjustment and off our tiny little group of just eight people went. The fast group was pretty small too, maybe four or five people. riding out from Ponteland we didn’t turn left at Kirkley Hall which was a lovely change, we carried on through towards Morpeth, turning left at the Gubeon through to Belsay and then on to Bolam Lake, somewhere else I’ve never been before. I found myself talking to Baggy Pants Man, who I think was leading our little group at the front and there I stayed. I have never managed to stay at the front of the group for that long before. I have also never ever not been the last straggler up the hills but I was today and I’m certain Danny’s gift had a lot to do with it. I feel rightly proud of myself. I have worked like a dog to be a better cyclist and today it seemed to pay dividends. Mind I’m sure the not having to ride eighteen miles just to meet the ride helped some. It didn’t take long to get to the cafe stop, we rode for maybe an hour and a quarter.

At the cafe I had some lovely soup, gorgeous coffee and a fantastic piece of some appley fudgey creation. There followed a bizarre conversation regarding the finer points of cheese farming and then the Saturday photo taking session, Eileen who I’ve talked about previously (here ) was forced to pose for her saturday cake photo too. She always manages to pull the most fantastic faces when faced with cameras and cake. Look at this cakeface!

Eileen encapsulates the cakeface


And then there’s me:


Leaving the cafe to head back to Anna’s was the usual affair of follow whoever’s in front of you. I managed to stay not at the back, even on the hills. The club secretary made my day when he crept up beside me and said something along the lines of “is this the same Carrie?” well it is and I’m not sure what changed but I hope it continues.

I really had a whale of a time today even with the small miles. I think I only racked up 22 or so at about 13 mph maybe. Add that to Tuesday and Thursday comes to about 100 miles. I’m going to try keeping up with the Wansbeck boys tomorrow for the first time ever. Wish me luck won’t you? I promise to tell you how that goes.

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19 Comments on “Making The Cake Face”

  1. Mark K Says:

    That cake was a bit good was it not. I caved and had a toastie too my belly was grumbling.

    Must remember to not take part in the sprint for Pont again the ride home was painful.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Good luck tomoro Foster!!!!! I rode with the Bro today, had him shouting at me to go faster and faster…26 miles at 14mph. Quite happy with that.
    See you next week. X

  3. Phill Says:

    I’ve just registered inspired by you. 🙂

  4. Les Says:

    Phill funny I was reading all these names and I was thinking Carrie must be making these names up wot wiv vomit pass and all these other place names allegedly lol

    Well done Carrie u and Eileen look so happy in the pics mate

    I cracked me own little milestone 10 miler 2day details on my blog realy pleased wiv myself

  5. danny winthorpe Says:

    Don’t worry about the Wansbeck lot Carrie
    They are much slower than the Vagabonds

  6. Alan Says:

    You were going well today. Huge improvement since the first ride. Keep it up.It was around 28+ miles today

  7. andy phillips Says:

    The cafe stops sound good. And sounds like things going ok with you riding on the front.

  8. PhilR Says:

    One day I shall have cake and deserve it!! Keep up the good work and the inspiring posts. I’m sure I shall blog about my exploits once I get out but how quick people will get sick of me saying “Went out on my bike, it was good” remains to be seen. 🙂

    Wish I’d typed this on the PC earlier when I thought of it, tired fingers and iPhone keyboard don’t work well 😉

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