The Important Question

Is about to be answered.

Most people ask me why Wowy? It’s a simple little story. In this household nicknames abound and when I first met the Household Cyclist I was staying at my cousins house having not long since returned from southerner land. She had the cutest little toddler who pronounced Carrie as Wowy and it stuck.Curiously she also pronounced Simon as Iron and that didn’t stick. hmmm.

My favourite people ask a far more interesting question. Why Not The Wowy? Well in my strangled little mind this tickled me: Go on, click it, it’s totally PG rated 🙂

What do you think of that then?


Right, I’m figuring out the work/bike balance. I’m riding with the Vags today (yes, I know it’s raining) but am getting a lift there and back. I’m hoping to ride with Wansbeck tomorrow and on the household cyclists day off (Tuesday) I’m getting up stupid early to fit in a couple of hours before work. See you this evening for the write up.



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6 Comments on “The Important Question”

  1. Phill Says:

    Are you going via NotMuchInTheShoppingCentre and WildnessOnTheSausage?

    Too bloody wet here, so I’m procrastinating before I start masking the downstairs loo for painting.

  2. notthewowy Says:

    go and paint something Philllll. What do you mean too wet? It’s never too wet. :p

  3. Phill Says:

    Done. Well, masked and edges done. Full coats tomorrow. Tonight, pizz hut awaits before some new Disney film, something about Alice.

  4. Phill Says:

    Err, pizza, even. Whoops.

  5. Phill Says:

    We had pasta, it was yummy. Alice In Wonderland was ok too (see my blog for a full review :))

    If you want more language-related tomfoolery, you should have a look at this: – it’s the best article on kids language I’ve read in ages. All parents will love it. Enjoy!

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