Coulda Shoulda Woulda Gonna

I was gonna talk about body image versus scales as a way of marking progress but instead I’m going to save that for tomorrow and just say Arrrrghh. I bought a half decent phone today, as did the Household Cyclist, the phone itself is pretty easy to use but taking most of my Itunes library back out of storage proved gently problematic… ( thats a polite way of saying frackin GARRRRRGGHHHHH) My laptop is deffo over the hill like. boo. On the upside I have a shiny new toy. And a new temp job, this one with a perfectly sized commute. 7 miles each way. whoo. hoo. I loves my new phone, hopefully theres gonna be better pics anyway. Come back tomorrow when I’m bored at work and attempting to talk to you through the wonders of the WordPress App. OK?

Anyone know of any good cycling related Apps then?

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11 Comments on “Coulda Shoulda Woulda Gonna”

  1. PhilR Says:

    WordPress app is pretty good, as for cycling apps try iMapMyRide, I tried a couple and this one seems canny. You upload your journeys so others can see what you’ve done and your progress. GPS does suck the life out of the battery, I’ve been checking out waterproof holders for the bike and solar chargers to keep it charged while out using GPS. 🙂

  2. I’ve got cyclemeter on my IPhone, haven’t used it yet though. Will let you know if I remember it’s on there!

  3. lost Says:

    The problem with mapmyride is that it lies about elevation stats. Ridewithgps is much better but dunno if it’ll work in conjunction with the iphone, though it does have options to up/download routes etc. Myself, Matt, Joby we’re all on there – we’re all on mapmyride too but prefer tother option 🙂

  4. redbikes Says:

    Googlemaps. God send for when you’re lost / searching for places.

    A mates also got one that has all the local cafes on. No idea what the apps called though.

  5. Phill Says:

    Agree about GoogleMaps, that’s brilliant on my HTC too. iMapMyRide’s good for tracking your total activity even though it lies about how high you’ve been. I might have a look at RideWithGPS to see how it looks, cos I do most of my messing on the laptop after the event.
    Have fun!

  6. Les Says:

    I keep toying wiv getting an iphone coz its got so many apps at the mo I av a Blckberry Storm but I av got a sweet contract wiv Vodaphone, cant see them giving me as good a contract if I change to an iphone,my contract not up till May we shall see

    • notthewowy Says:

      I had to buy mine as PAYG and add a data bolt on to my contract but I loves it….I have an ipod touch though so I knew it would get well used.

  7. Joby Says:

    Reds right (again).

    Googlemaps is amazing for getting you out of tight spots when your lost!

    I’ve used MapMyRide at the same time as my Garmin and the figures where pretty much matching.

    • notthewowy Says:

      cool, thanks for the app advice, thing is, in northumberland theres lots of mobile black spots. oh well, still have my cheapo special computer.

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