The Great Divide.


I’m excited at the thought of next weeks temp job. I’m really looking forward to the seven mile commute, sad isn’t it? 🙂 And the work looks interesting too.

Anyway more to the point, I had to go out the other day and buy some officey clothes that didnt fall to the floor when I took my hands out of the pockets. I gotta tell you, I look gurd. Yay me.

Now the shocker. I haven’t lost a single pound this year. I think… I’m doing the magic hovering thing. little up little down.

Big shocker! I don’t think I care right now. See, my clothes are getting looser, my bum is getting tighter. I’m a full dress size smaller than I was at the start of the year. More importantly I feel great, fit, fast and very very sexy. I’ve actually gone out and bought some pretty tight clothes to go out in (no, not cycling kit, lol).

Well, no one else seems to want to say it but I wont be ashamed to. I am a Hotty. 🙂

So here’s the divide. Weight versus self image.. which matters more? What do you think? I still want to hit my target by the end of the year and I’m confident it will come off, it has to with the amount of work I’m putting in. Would you get disheartened in my position? I have an opinion of my own but I’m genuinely interested in yours.



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18 Comments on “The Great Divide.”

  1. PhilR Says:

    I’d say self image is more important, doesn’t matter what you weigh if you’re not happy about it. Could do with losing a bit myself but couldn’t care at the moment, happy as I am and like my food too much 😀

    The thing is now you’re not cycling to lose weight you’re doing it because you love it, it’s not as though you’re going to stop that because the weight isn’t coming off, so it’s bound to start dropping again.

    • notthewowy Says:

      I have no doubt it will, none Phil. You’ll see, when you get to ride forth with me… hows that going anyway?

      • PhilR Says:

        Forms came through today to sign my life away for a bike 🙂 Filled in ready to post, wonder if I’ve a stamp… Still waiting for word back from them on whether they can get the bike I want, I may have to ring them.

  2. alan holmes Says:

    Don’t be bothered about it. Your weight will drop off over the summer

  3. welshcyclist Says:

    Self image everytime, it’s how you feel that counts,

  4. lost Says:

    I’m with everyone else. Self image all the way – I’m happy with how I look and I’m overweight. Yeah, I could do with losing some of it, but you know what, I don’t care if I do or don’t. Cos I am what I am and what I am is me 🙂

    Do what you do cos you love it (as you are doing) not cos you need to.

    You are looking good btw. A hottie indeed – there, I’ve said it too! Lol

  5. redbike Says:

    When you start riding 14miles a day you’ll be able to eat chocolate all day and still loose weight.

  6. Self image is what counts mate. And that includes for me how you behave in relation to your weight and how how you actually look.

    Still a way to go for me, but then I did really let myself go.

  7. Joby Says:

    Good on ya. That’s the perfect attitude to have.

  8. Les Says:

    Ure looking good

    But wot is more important is ure feeling good

    Wiv that comes belief that u can tackle anything that lifes throws at u

    U look great in the pic mate

    Its official Carrie is hot ope ure hubby dont mind me saying that

    Very well done its ppl like u that inspire me to get fitter and cycle further

    This community is absolutely brill

  9. Phill Says:

    Self image and energy, every time. Fat weighs less than muscle, and toning up makes things line up properly. Absolutely no question in my mind what’s more important.
    I used to know a girl who was pretty light, but all over the place. I also know girls who are not their dream weight, but look great thanks to being fitter.
    You’re looking good and you seem to be having a great time, so keep on going! Nice one.

  10. danny winthorpe Says:

    Hi carrie
    I found the same happened to me
    I stayed the same weight
    But looked much slimmer
    Yes you are looking hot

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