Cracking Sunshiny Goodness.

I have had an absolutely spanking good day. My hangover and I will tell you about it in the morning ok? Tonight is the Vags spring night out and I think I’ve earned it. I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, here’s this weeks photo:

How do I look? I’m also really happy with my stats so I’m going to share that too, 71.14 miles at an average of 13.4 mph. 🙂 Oh yeah… Alan Holmes is a speed demon….

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10 Comments on “Cracking Sunshiny Goodness.”

  1. danny winthorpe Says:

    Carrie your stats are impressive considering the wind today
    Alan a speed demon???
    He will be asleep on the settee now and probably wont make tonight!!!!!

  2. Mark K Says:

    well done

  3. Suzanne Says:

    you were flying…and you did your turn at the front on the way out, nice one chick. 🙂

  4. Roger Says:

    I’m sure Alan was just grimly hanging on at the back as he always tells me he is!

  5. Les Says:

    Well done Carrie at the mo can only dream of them stats

    looking good mate

  6. Les Says:

    Thanx Carrie for ure words of encouragement

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