An Addendum of Sorts

Third of May 2004, three days after the wedding, I removed my wedding ring. Actually I prised it off my throbbing finger, three months pregnant and already fat. It hasn’t fit me since and has lived in a box in the sitting room, next to my engagement ring for the same reason.

Getting ready to go out on Saturday I was rifling through the jewellery box and decided to put my engagement ring on. It fit!! Next came the wedding ring. Still a little on the squeezy side, oh well. Back in the box it went.

Not for long:


Along with the suddenly smaller feet, mind it feels a bit strange on my usually naked hands but it fits! for the first time in 6 years. Some results you don’t see coming huh?

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9 Comments on “An Addendum of Sorts”

  1. Andy Says:

    Lovely 🙂

  2. lost Says:

    Excellent! Bet that feels much better than having clothes that fit you better eh 🙂

  3. PhilR Says:

    hehe, excellent 🙂 I think I’m on my third ring now as I’m almost twice the man I was when I got married, sure I was about 7 stone wet through 😀

  4. Christine Gilligan Says:

    i weighed 1.5 stone more than i do now and i got mine altered, only to get the ring reduced once the weight came back off. congrats… X

  5. Hehe, I had to get a new wedding ring about 7 years ago as the original one was too small and killing me. The new ring now has a load of sellotape wrapped around it to stop it falling off my finger. It’s those little things that tell you you’re going the right way!

  6. Phill Says:

    Nicely poetic progress. Loving it.

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