The Two

I wouldn’t say that today was the hardest commute of my life. Turns out the trip is eight miles each way. Sounds like a walk in the park huh? look outside… ffffreeezing, cold and headwindy yay. I guess all those uncycly people I talk too are right, I am crazy.

I’ve been thinking about stuff, I woke up sunday craving nut roast. For ten years prior to incubating the Junior Cyclist I was a die hard out and out vegetarian. I often say that I started craving really rare steak and it’s true I did but I’m wondering now if I just gave up and stayed given up because it was easier to fit in with the Household Cyclists needs. I’m considering a return I was happy like that. It’s a tough one eh?

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12 Comments on “The Two”

  1. danny winthorpe Says:

    Go for it Carrie

  2. Mark K Says:

    if its what you want go for it. But never feel guilty if you do want a bacon buttie now and again.

  3. redbikes Says:

    For a day or two last week the weather was actually nice. All the paths were mud free, the sun was shinning. – Lovely.
    In fact I enjoyed commuting by bike so much I extended my commute as much as possible.

    This week I seem to be riding though a foot of mud and its never stopped raining. I’m back to going door to door as directly as possible.

  4. redbikes Says:

    Fancy not wanting a bacon butty!

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