Oh God

No commute today. I have to go to the dentist. boo. I’m in a lot of pain as a filling fell out and I stupidly put it off. See, I’m not always perfect, I’m pretty majorly hatey of people putting their fingers and machinery in my mouth.  Well, serves me right for putting it off. Well, going to take this opportunity to rest my legs as it’s a girls night out tonight. Ooh, I’m so looking forward to that. There’s room in the taxi if you fancy it??

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4 Comments on “Oh God”

  1. I’ll get my skirt out…

  2. Les Says:

    I get realy scared when I go to the Dentist is it the drill, is it the smell, is it the waitng nervously waiting to be called in to take ure place in the hot seat

    No none of the above what scares me is the COST of a visit to the Dentist

    hope it all goes well mate

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