Little Jaunts and the Tyne Vags TT

I woke up an hour or so late yesterday in a pretty foul fettle and that was the highpoint of pretty much my whole morning. I couldn’t face breakfast, had a temper tantrum at the pump, Swore a lot, stamped my feet and pretty much continued in that vein for a while, good job I was expecting it and had already arranged a lift.

Took the bikes out of the car at Stannington, pointed ourselves at Ponteland and “squeak, squeak, squeek” ARRRRgghhhhHH. Mystery squeaking. Great. Stop, check, set off. Stop, check, set off. Stop. Poke prod, set off. Swearing, threats of hedge throwing, make the lazer eyes at poor And, realise it was something stupidly simple, set off again. Hide outside of Anna’s growling at anyone who DAREs be nice to me. You know, it was weird to be among these people and not wanting to talk. Truth be told I just wanted to get on my bike, point myself in the same direction as everyone else and pedal.


Slowly the growling turned to silence, the silence turned to listening, then to joining in, then to suddenly feeling better. Pedalling does it everytime. After a cuppa at the Gubeon we set off on a nice scenic route back to Pont. Yesterday afternoon was the club 20m time trial. I’ve never really seen a time trial before so I stuck around for a bit  out of curiousity.

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Rest of Photos here, video clips to follow

It was really interesting to watch. Well organised and there were some pretty bikes and some hard working people riding. I took a fair few photos and it was interesting to watch the starts and the riders giving it their all. Makes me tempted to try it myself one day.


Thanks to those club members who gave me hugs yesterday. It helped.

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2 Comments on “Little Jaunts and the Tyne Vags TT”

  1. Les Says:

    I think peddling takes you to where you can escape into our own little world

    Jus looked at ure pics there are some very serious people, wiv some very serious kit, prob seriously expensesive

    Good luck wiv time trialing mate

  2. notthewowy Says:

    Yup, you know its serious when your kit and your bike match 🙂

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