Like Peeling An Onion

I get up, I get dressed for the bike like thusly: shorts, bibtights, base, remove base and bibs to tuck base in, jersey, arm warmers, long sleeve jersey, buff for chin, buff for head, gloves with fingers, cycling gloves, sit down, strip off to put on socks, socks and occasionally another pair of socks, repeat the above sometimes adding laytex gloves, overshoes, jacket are added as needed. At least since maybe October time. The last couple of weeks the layers are becoming fewer, first went the base, then the chin buff, then the shorts under the tights then the socks until…Tadaaaa, today for the first time in my cycling existence I went out with bare legs! Shorts!! Was great if slightly chilly. The dressing went: Socks (1 pair), shorts, budweiser jersey, crane long sleeve jersey, usual 2 pair of gloves and 1 head buff.  Whoooo hoo. On reflection I probably should have shaved my legs though.

Point number two. I say I don’t like to complain about drivers, preferring to believe in karma but this girls for changing, I just have to ask; Do any of you guys know what 2 unbroken white lines in the centre of the road means? Do you think if you were driving down a steep, curvy, busy incline (Whorral Bank in Morpeth) they mean you should try to pass my by crossing these even though you can see the oncoming traffic? Do you suppose it would be safe and sensible to then cut as close to me as possible just for fun? Suppose out of every 10 cars that pass 2 of them are transporting children or some precious last vial of some deadly virus that we are no longer immune to, that’s at least 2 drivers this morning making a murder suicide pact. I suggest they take the first right at the bottom and sign themselves into the Psychiatric unit there for their own safety.

Next Question: You are going to watch your children play football, do you;

A) Set an example by walking there.

B) Park in the car park adjacent to the field

C) Block the cycle path because you are too lazy to walk the extra foot? (literally, and the daftness is you have to walk down a slope now, which means more work getting up) 

As for the commute today it was a weird affair. Sun shining so as a special homage to super shorts day I took my flying machine out this morning, only it didn’t 😦 was pure un fun, I scraped about an 11 mph average and my knees hurt, my legs ached and I’m sure someone had treacled my wheels. Still, I told myself philosophically, everybody has these days, at least the sun is shining and hey, there’s a head wind you know. My legs niggled pretty much all day. The ride home was a little different. Getting through the town centre was hard work. I stopped off for an hour then to visit a friend who’s been unwell ( get better soon Angel ). The ride home after that was well, spankingly gorgeous. Theres nothing amuses me more than my legs doing it with no input from me though I’m sure the tailwind aided.

Anyway, in light of the ache I’m giving myself the day off tomorrow. I still have no babysitter so I may not be riding Saturday but hey, want to be able just in case.


So, how was your day?

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11 Comments on “Like Peeling An Onion”

  1. Joby Says:

    I’d love to sympathise with you and your recent run ins with drivers so I will.

    I get it near enough every day – and sometimes more than once. I’m glad I have a camera and run a website that shows how shit some drivers (and cyclists) can actually be!

    And how good is it to be able to cycle round in shorts and t-shirt!

    • notthewowy Says:

      it happens to me a lot, I just usually remember that its not personal and sooner or later these twits are gonna wrap themselves round a tree.

      The shorts? was scary TBH. I’ve never been a legs oot kinda gal.

  2. Mark K Says:

    Dont forget fair day starts tomorrow so Morpeth will be hell from 9am to 5pm. I wear tights all year round never showing my pearly whites.

    • notthewowy Says:

      fair day? isnt that in June? is it that gathering thing? I dont care, am not the one driving in tomorrow, hence the late night. How was your day?

  3. Les Says:

    I av ad me own run in this week with an idiot driver

    I know you will say ahhh but I also av got man flu

  4. lost Says:

    I too am like you in that I have plenty of run-ins with muppet drivers, but don’t think much of it unless they get real stupid. Poor Joby gets it every 4 seconds I’m sure 😉

    It was defo a day for shorts yesterday. Sadly I was in trousers and top for work and was sat on a smelly bus

    • notthewowy Says:

      Doesn’t work suck. 🙂 ah. The cars usually barely register. I was just in a stinking fettle yesterday.

      Sent from my iPhone. Check out my blurg:

  5. T’was ever thus Wowy, welcome to our world… 😦

  6. danny winthorpe Says:

    Shave your legs Carrie,
    your not a proper cyclist if you dont,
    Which Vag gets his legs waxed the same time as his wife?????
    Reckons it makes him a speed demon Ha Ha

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