There's This Place Called Brocksbushes.

Yesterday was a good day. Here’s why:

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I woke up to some gloriously blue skys. Shorts weather! Now I’m not a natural shorts wearer, I hate having my legs on show but I wouldn’t be me if I just didn’t give it a bash. A breakfast of beans and sausages and a lift to Gosforth. The ride in from Gosforth was an experience. I hadn’t really noticed just how much faster And rides compared to when we first met. The lad nearly killed me. That’s not how I like to start my day, usually I like to ease into it. Not this time.

The turn-out at Anna’s was bigger than it has been over the winter but not as big as I expected given the weather. A small fast group left and looking around there were rather a lot of us. Elaine, the ride leader had planned a gorgeous and unusual route. Once we were through Ponteland we stopped and the decision was made to split the group in two, one slow group and one slightly slower group. Unusually for me I joined the not the slowest group. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride though I struggled a bit on the ups. I guess I’m just not good at hills. OOh, there was a magic tunnel to get to the garden centre, it was great fun. The cafe stop itself was lovely too. That cafe has the most amazing selection of cakes, I don’t think anything was missing down to the black forest gateaux and the several Pavlova. Their savory selection was huge and tasty looking too, was pretty reasonably priced. Can we go back? We sat outside in the sunshine and there was a lot of chatter and laughter and free refills.

Leaving the cafe we turned left up a single lane road that just went up and up, what a long long drag but I got there in the end, what was most fun was watching our youngest rider, Kirsty (12) whip her Mam’s bum over and over again. That was some impressive pedaling, I’ll look forward to the day she can do the same to her Dad. The journey back went through some gorgeous countryside in the glowing sunshine, jacket in pocket I worked my little bum off till we got back to Anna’s. That was a lovely days riding and I’m very grateful to Elaine for the change of scenery. Looking at my computer I had ridden about 37 miles at an average of 14.2. We stopped for a cuppa and a chat then set off for home. Coming to the turn off for Saltwick we noticed “cycle event” signs, turns out it was on our route home so we stopped at the bottom of that long up to watch for a bit, well why not, the sun was shining, Mark who had set off from Anna’s with us must have been oblivious to our shouting as he disappeared here not to be seen again. It was a lovely interlude, this mystery race, sitting on the grass verge watching the riders gee up that long hill. What a way to spend a Saturday. Oh we spotted a Vags jersey riding too, wonder who that was?  Even better were the spectators at the top, climbing that horrible up is definitely worse with an audience, though I did enjoy the encouragement.


 Leaving And at Stannington my average speed had dropped to 14.1 and I told him I’d see if I could pick it up between there and home. That was pretty ambitious as I’ve never averaged more than about 13 mph. I arrived home shaking and panting, looked down at the clock, 14.4 mph!!! Crikey that was fun. And says the wind was against me and it was but not terribly strongly. I am so very proud of myself and it just goes to show that there’s a big difference between what you can do and what you usually do eh? It’s certainly made me feel more confident about taking part in Wansbeck CCs Reliability Ride next Sunday even though it means missing the Saturday rides that I enjoy so much.

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6 Comments on “There's This Place Called Brocksbushes.”

  1. Mark K Says:

    I needed the loo so didnt stop. I overtook a competitor just before the corner to the climb. I got onto the steep bit and heard him comming up behind. So i kicked a bit as the guys watching started cheering. I let him go past as didnt want to get in his way when i turned off.

    Wind def picked up from stannington was a lot colder too. Had a nice sit in the garden when i got back before i got changed.

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    That was a brilliant day out.Cream (& jam)scones were excellent as were your piccys. I chickened out on the shorts, as I will wait until people know me better before inflicting that sight on everyone.Well done on the 14.4,and I’ll bet it is not long before it’s 15 considering the way you led me ‘home’.

  3. Roger Says:

    At a guess, it might have been Brian Little racing?

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