These Things of Love

Every morning I get up and grump around for a bit generally crashing and banging and throwing things. Every morning for the last two weeks I’ve then got on my bike and grumbled and sworn my way to Morpeth. Why do my legs move so slowly in the mornings? Why can’t I turn those pedals? Why is it such hard work, moan moan moan. Then I park up and clomp around to the toilets with a big grin on my face. During a discussion at work today one of them said something like “doesn’t it take up a lot of time?, I used to walk but I found I had no free time before or after training, especially on weekends”. I have to admit that I paused, then I answered “yes, I see your point but I get far more out of it than I lose from doing it”.

Today was a good day. I made it in at an average of 12mph, that’s the best I’ve done so far and I don’t think that’s bad considering the hills and the traffic and the cold legs and the early morning thing. Then I got to see the inside of the magic bike shed and then, on the way home I found a route that completely avoids traffic hell and I made it home in twenty-five minutes. Total Commute of just over an hour at 13 mph. In the sunshine.

See, as much as I whinge and moan I do it because I love it, no other reason. It isn’t a chore or a duty, it’s not really even work (well it is) It is a love thing. Really. ‘Sides it beats sitting in the pub all day, though that would be cheaper.

Why do I love it so much? I love the smell of outside, especially when the sun is shining. I love the feeling in my legs when they start to burn, I love that moment when you realise your legs are warm and working almost of their own accord. I love the language of cycling, I love the fact that no two rides are ever alike, I love the things I see out and about. I love the way other cyclists acknowledge one another. I love the self competition and the myriad of aims and goals and theorys and I love the fact that so many people seem interested and have supported me so wholeheartedly. I love the new people I meet and the new spectacular friends I’ve made. I’m starting to love taking the pee out of not very bright drivers too.

So much to love, Have I missed anything out??</p

Edited to add: apparently I did forget something. I especially love Alan Holmes. Cheers for the reminder Alan.

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10 Comments on “These Things of Love”

  1. PhilR Says:

    I dunno if I could cycle to work in the mornings if it was that far, I cheat and take the car to work if I’m delivering out of Ashington and won’t need the bike on delivery. Mind you I think that’s more because of “where” I’m heading rather than not wanting to cycle 😀

    I have my mountain bike at home now but have a friend coming up from London for my week off so will hopefully be mobile next week in preparation for my new bike when I eventually get it. 🙂

  2. notthewowy Says:

    agh, is not that far. If I did have the car still I would probably cave and drive but thats cos Im evil in the mornings.

    Is the chain working on the MTB then?

  3. Mark K Says:

    annoyingly my commute is too far. I’m not fit enough to do it enough times a week to save money on me bus fare, so i have to really be in the right mood to do it. But i agree about what you said.

    A friend put it to me like this “When i drove to work my day started when i got in the car. When i ride in my day starts when i get to my desk.” Hes right, that time on the bike is me time. Even if i do spend it cursing my self as to why i was so stupid to get on a bike at 5:45 am. If i didnt have to get through the centre of town i would do it more often.

    Really wish i had your enthusiasm for the bike.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Youre friend is right, though its the interlude between the mam job and the money job here.

      If wishes were horses you wouldn’t be a cyclist. Why do you wish for my enthusiasm?

      • Mark K Says:

        certainly wouldnt as im petrified of horses. Because you allways enjoy it and get so much out of it. Me i just plod along at the same old pace, not getting worse and never getting any better. Like im in a rutt, its better now i ride with the vags as people are expecting me to be there.

        Its more my mental make up then anything else, lazy and depressed is a lethal combination.

  4. trio25 Says:

    Everytime I travel by another method I am reminded how much I love cycling. I feel sorry for people who don’t realise commuting can be fun!

    Those sound good averages in traffic!

    • notthewowy Says:

      I love it, it’s faster than the bus most of the time too. I feel sorry for the people who dont understand the happy you get from lifting your heart rate that lasts long after you dismount.

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